Is 7 Inches Big Enough? Here’s The Truth

is 7 inches big

Are you big enough? This question has crossed every man’s mind at some point. Is 7 inches big? It’s a question that I asked myself in the early days before I had my first few pornos.

Maybe you’re well-endowed with 7-inches of rock hard steel and are still insecure, or perhaps you’re dreaming of one day growing up to seven inches.

Based on my experience with pornstars 7-inches is most definitely enough. Believe me, if that’s good enough for them, it is most definitely good enough for your girlfriend (who should only be riding one penis at night).

Don’t worry if you aren’t 7-inches yet (yes, you can still grow). Porn and the media always portray the man who takes the girl as a large man. But, in fact, the average penis size for men is only 5 inches while erect.

So just remember that if you’re still asking yourself is 7 inches big.

Whoever said that we shouldn’t pursue greatness though? Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger listened to his friends who said, “you’re big enough dude, you can stop working out”?

I doubt it. Did I listen to my producers when they told me 8 inches was enough? You can bet I didn’t either.

Feelings of inadequacy are common for many men. I’ve been in a unique position to counsel all of my friends through their doubts, and now I’m here to bring this information to all of you guys.

Penis Enlargement, The Natural Way

When I say “natural” I’m not talking about poaching endangered animals and grinding up their horns to make a potion. In fact, I’m not going to tell you to take any pills. We take enough pills in our daily lives, and the last thing that we need is another one.

The methods that I’m about to show you are more exercises than anything else. They’re the same easy-to-follow, foolproof methods that made me a larger man and allowed me to make it big in the industry. And they can certainly help you make it into the big leagues with your wife.

Before I begin, the key to remember with these is that they take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your penis is no exception. However, I can promise you that if you’re faithful and focus on doing a little bit each day, you’ll find that you’ll grow bit by bit, week after week.

After a few months of steady training, you can easily expect to grow at least an inch, or maybe even two. If you stick with it for a few more months, then you can expect even more growth, both in length and girth.


Jelqing actually began in the Middle East over a thousand years ago. People have looked up to men with big dicks since the beginning of time.

Ancient men used to massage and stretch their penises to lengths of up to 10-inches, starting when they were teenagers, so that by the time they were married off, their wives would be the happiest in the land.

Some foreign travelers would report men with penises more than 15-inches. Maybe these were tall tales, or perhaps they were true. Even the greatest myths have a grain of truth.

Now you can do the same. Imagine one day walking out of the shower, with a 10-inch cock that you could barely wrap your own hand around and making love to your wife in crazy new positions. It would revolutionize your sex life.

Increase Your Blood Flow

Think of your penis as a sponge that’s shaped like a rocket ship. When you get aroused, your body fills the membranes in your penis with blood, and your limp dick slowly turns into hardened steel.

Following this logic, by increasing your blood flow, your penis can get even harder, and thus even longer. This can be done quite a few ways, the first of which is diet.

Before I filmed an hour-long porno, I always made sure to hit the Mexican restaurant and order some spicy food. Have you ever had your face flush red after eating some extra spicy tacos? Just as your body sends extra blood to your face, it sends extra blood to your penis also.

In fact, if you want to have a long night, one of the best things you can do is get into the kitchen and cook up some spicy food. Not only will your girl be blown away by your skills as a chef, but you’ll be ready to perform at full strength.

Pulling It All Together

By now you shouldn’t be worrying is 7 inches long enough.

These two methods work hand in hand. The first method involves you stretching your penis to create extra length and girth. The second involves increasing your blood flow with your diet so you can take advantage of all your extra inches.

These are the two methods that I started doing when I began in porn. Eventually, the women and producers loved me so much that they recommended me to the professionals.

Along the way, I passed as many of these techniques onto my friends as possible. If you’re willing to put in a few months of steady practice, you too can have a penis worthy of Olympic honors.

Not long ago, a good friend of mine who still produces quality porno films called me up to tell me that he had written his first “sex guide.” He was pretty excited, and wanted me to look over it before he released it to the public.

It was very easy reading, and I got through it over a relaxed weekend. I gave him a call back on Monday and the first thing I said was, “Dude, you have to put this out!” The content in this guide was not only great; it was beyond awesome.

I’ve recommended some of his methods to other friends of mine, and they gained measurable results within a few short months. It was so good that I have to share it with you guys today. I would honestly feel bad if I didn’t.

You guys know me, I hate withholding information. My only hope is to help as many of you as I can.

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