How to Last Longer in Bed

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First of all, I want to welcome you to the club of “Sexual Tycoons.”

It’s the sexual “elite,” a small group of men that operate in another level. Giving women the type of pleasure they’d die for and few knew even existed. She’ll be ready to do anything and everything to please you in return. No matter how crazy and wild your desires are.

Yes – when you have total control over your orgasm and can please her like no other guy ever could or will – women will fight to keep you and unleash their hidden “inner slut.”

You’ll basically have your very own, personal porn star to play with. That’s the type of power you get when you can perform on that next level and last as long as you want.

And the best part is, very few men are able to do this. In fact, 90% of guys perform poorly in bed, and most guys can’t last longer than a few minutes. So you’ll have the skills most guys never will.

I promise. Follow my advice and by the time you complete my program, you’ll be a full-member of the world’s sexual elite.

Not only will you totally overcome your premature ejaculation forever, but you’ll also take complete control over your performance and take your sex-game to that next level. A level most guys will never experience.

Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.

Anyway, I hope my Secrets to Lasting Longer program proves as valuable and life-changing to you, as it has to hundreds of other men.


Before we jump into the whole thing, let me give you a bit of background info about myself.

My name is Michael, but in the industry they usually just called me “Big Mike.”

I’ve been in porn for 12 years. Started as a broke, cash-strapped 23 year-old kid with nothing to show for myself except a big penis, six-packs, and more testosterone than I knew what to do with…

Now I’m out of the biz as an actor, started a family and my own consultancy business.

During my time in the biz, I’ve been with hundreds of women, who knows, maybe even a thousand – I stopped counting.

The numbers are so high because many of these were just “auditions” for wannabe stars that never made it to the big screens… but then again we had lots of “repeat business” where you shoot dozens of scenes with the same actress – and these are some of the hottest, most sexual women in the world. Imagine if she gets millions of guys off through a TV or computer screen – how crazy hot she is in REAL LIFE!

Trust me – not blowing your load in 5 seconds when she puts those wet, craving lips around your penis and then goes throat-deep is like walking on a string connecting two sides of a cliff.

It’s just crazy. And if you orgasm quickly – you’re OUT. FIRED. You’re done. They send you home and send in another guy with a better-working penis to finish the job.

The only guys that stay in the biz are the ones that can last long and orgasm at command. Sadly, most guys turn to pills, steroids, and other dangerously unhealthy stuff just to enhance their performance.

That works, but usually they burn-out or pass-out at some point and can’t take it any longer. Trust me, it’s not a nice picture, and I never wanted to go down that road.


During my time in the industry… I’ve had sex in every position imaginable, done things that were too hardcore even for porn.

You can’t imagine how crazy some of these film directors were in their requests, and they loved me because I learned how to last as long as I wanted. Total control.

But I wasn’t born with this knowledge. On the contrary. I probably had the worst-case premature ejaculation ever. It was troubling me so much as a teen that I made it my life-mission to achieve total mastery when it comes to sex.

I always wanted to get into porn, but knew I couldn’t because I was quicker than a rabbit.

I knew I wouldn’t last a day. And word travels fast there. You can’t waste their time… and nobody gives you second chances.

You gotta get in there and iron-clad a reputation for lasting as long as they need you to (for hours, and hours on end.)

Premature ejaculation was killing me. But I was determined to learn and change it.

I read everything ever written about performing better, lasting longer, getting bigger.


But most of my real-world knowledge came from picking the minds and talking to old-school guys that were in the adult film industry for over a decade.

These guys were getting out of porn, so I wasn’t their competition. I talked to dozens of the best guys through a connection I had in the industry and picked their brains until I had the whole puzzle. I was looking for a certain technique or a trick.

The problem was – there wasn’t anything – at least not something they consciously knew about or knew how to TRANSFER to another person.
Anyway, little by little, things started to click and I was ready to “jump into the fire” – I was practicing on my girlfriend and things seemed OK, but I wasn’t sure how I’ll react when I’m with one of those SUPER-HOT, new, fresh chicks.

You know the smell of another woman, something new you didn’t experience before. It’s just something special. You just get an instant pump of adrenalin.

Especially because… you’re in front of a camera! This makes it double-harder to last long when you’ve got performance anxiety.

I mean, you don’t want to let this chick down and seem like a total failure. The added pressure is that you ruin everyone’s day and schedule, because here’s everything prepared on set and then they don’t have what to shoot with!

As you’d expect… my first scene was a complete blunder. Nothing that I’ve read and talked about with pro’s worked… obviously, ‘cause I came in under a minute.

I just couldn’t hold it back how excited I was.

But I refused to give up. I kept going and going until I figured things out on my own and came up with my own way, my own methods and tricks to control my orgasm.

That was more than a decade ago, and now that I’ve left the industry, started a family and got into other type of businesses, I knew how many men had this problem because I’ve mentored dozens of young guys breaking into the industry and I knew exactly what to tell them to make their penis “work” like magic.

All of which made their phones ring all the time with producers and directors calling them for gigs. So by teaching them my methods, the one’s I’m sharing with you here in this program, I directly put money in their pockets. And they loved me for it.

These are things I’ve perfected over the last decade of being persistent and not giving up. And, unlike the porn-veterans I tried to learn from back in the day – I managed to put my tricks and techniques into a transferrable, easy to use SYSTEM, a program that can work for anyone.

No matter how experienced or not they are, my system makes you perform better and longer.

While I was coaching these young industry studs that didn’t want to use drugs to perform better… I realized that lasting longer wasn’t just an issue guys in the industry had and that this was messing with their careers and bottom lines… no… Premature ejaculation was a MUCH bigger, global problem… an issue that’s ruining marriages and relationships on every corner of the world.

That’s why I created this program. Knowing how many men struggled with this, I saw how this one thing influenced so many other aspects of a guy’s life. I had to make my program available to everyone, not just guys performing on camera. And the best part is that – if my system worked for dozens upon dozens of porn-guys that had to perform on camera – which is MUCH harder – then imagine how well it’ll work for regular guys in regular relationships.

I just knew I couldn’t keep this just for myself and a small group of guys. Before I completely left the industry, I knew I had to leave my mark and leave something of real value behind other than a bunch of scenes that will be forgotten by the infinite stream of new stuff hitting the net as we speak.

That’s why I decided to put my secrets into this program and make it available to every guy out there.

I just had to tell you this so you understand where I’m coming from and why you should listen to me – a guy with real experience and real-world knowledge – and not some stupid YouTube videos and doctors that just want to sell you pills or send you to talk to some shrink.

I promise. Just follow my advice and by the time you complete my program – you’ll never have to worry about premature ejaculation again.

But enough about me, let’s talk about what I can do for you.

According to a British study from 2014, 20% of the entire male population suffers from premature ejaculation.

Think about it – one in five guys can’t last longer than two minutes. And 60% of the remaining 80% can’t last longer than 7 minutes.

Just imagine how much ahead you’ll be of the entire male population after you’re done with my program.

I must warn you though: this is not a typical BS last longer guide you’ll find on Internet.

Most of guys who create those have one or two techniques around which they put a lot of fluff, package that into a 40 page ebook and charge you hundreds of dollars for it.

The common advice you will receive in men’s magazines and blogs is even worse. Here are just a few typical suggestions guys get about lasting longer:

“Think about baseball stats or how high your electric bill will be…”

This is by far the most common advice men will hear when it comes to prolonging their lasting time. Every man will at least once in his life hear how thinking about your last month’s electric bill can suddenly make you last half an hour. This is obviously false because A) You’re reading this so it clearly didn’t work and B) This is taking your focus away from sex and away from pleasuring her.

I don’t know ONE GUY who can simultaneously do algebra in his head while rocking her world in bed with his body. Plus – she’ll feel that you are not “present” during sex and that your mind is wandering away somewhere – which is a total turn off for her. The whole idea of thinking about something else and distracting your mind is just counter-productive.

The stop and start method

This technique looks like this: When you feel an orgasm approaching, stop the sex, pull out your dong and wait until you can safely start having sex again, provided of course that you still have your erection.

Squeeze method

This is a variation on start and stop method, except this time when you pull out your penis you squeeze it right below the head. Along with the stop and start method, it is one of the most recommended techniques when it comes to preventing quick climax. Now, reading this advice one clearly sees that doctors and scientists that do recommend these techniques clearly never suffered from premature ejaculation. Why do I say that? Well imagine the scenario: you are heaving hot, sweaty, glorious sex with your girl. She is moaning, twisting, and rolling her eyes with ecstasy. She’s grabbing you; forcing you to pound her faster, harder, to be more intense and….you pull out and

squeeze your dick.

Now imagine doing that every few minutes. That’s what your doctors recommend.

Clearly this is not the optimal solution. Not only will you (rightly) piss off any girl you’re having sex with, she will lose any respect for you inside and outside of the bedroom.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Numbing Sprays

Oh boy, where to start?

No doubt you have wondered about numbing sprays, gels, oils and similar products. After all, why go through all these trouble with kegels, edging etc., when you can just spray your dong and be ready to go?

Well, for starters, finding the correct dosage can be a bitch. Spray too little and it won’t have any effect whatsoever…Spray too much and you will completely lose every feeling down there – a surefire recipe for completely losing the interest in sex forever.

Secondly, there is a significant chance that some of that spray or cream can rub off and affect your girl. As if numbing your enjoyment just to last longer wasn’t bad enough, imagine how will she feel when she starts losing her enjoyment.

And this is all said assuming these sprays are completely safe, for both you and her. Most of these companies claim that their products are 100% safe to use, but it seems like FDA is constantly cracking down and banning various substances these days. And for a good reason, too. Most of these companies don’t give a rat’s ass about you, and if they could increase their profits by selling dangerous chemicals to you, the consumer, they would do so in a heartbeat.

Can you imagine if you use some of those sprays and for some simple, stupid chemical error completely lose the feeling down there…forever?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to fear for my entire sexual future every time I’m spraying that shit over my john.

And while we’re at the topic of things that numb your dong, let’s talk about numbing condoms. True, the chances of something wrong happening are slimmer here, but still: you are relying on something to LOWER your enjoyment of sex. Just think about it – in order for you to last longer, and therefore increase the time in which you are enjoying sex, you are using things that literally lower your enjoyment. Silly isn’t it? And it’s not your fault – the companies that make these sprays and condoms spend millions of dollars a year to convince you that you NEED their product, or you will suffer from premature ejaculation all your life. They will never promote healthy, natural ways of curing your problem because, quite obviously, there can’t make a profit from that.


Sadly, some men are turning towards antidepressants as their last hope for prolonging their lasting time. Even some doctors have started prescribing these meds when men come and complain to them about premature ejaculation.

The sad thing is which most doctors won’t tell you, these drugs do work, and you do last longer – but you also turn into a mindless drone and almost completely lose desire for sex. Stay away from them at all cost.

The bottom line is that all these tips & products rely on tricks & chemicals to distract you, and lower your enjoyment of sex. I for one think that is a silly idea and my entire course is based on a premise that you shouldn’t seek to lower your enjoyment of sex, but rather to increase it, while lasting as long as you want to.

You won’t find a lot of fluff here, because I have a low tolerance for bullshit and want to give you exact tips that will make you last longer.

Am I going to teach you techniques and tips to last longer? Of course.

What makes my program different is that, unlike other guides, I don’t just give you quick-fix solutions that are like a bandage…

No. We’ll go deep – to the ROOT, the real reasons why you orgasm quickly. Once we get that done, you won’t need quick-fix techniques anymore.

Your orgasm happens in your MIND first – and my program gives you the mind-power and muscle-power that you train in your penis so that you can last longer without having to THINK about it.

You’ll just last longer automatically, and effortlessly – because we’ll get to the root of the problem instead of just quick-fix solutions and instant-techniques.

And because we’ll attack the ROOT of the problem, that’s exactly why my program works so well and works long-term for LASTING results.

So what’s the root of your premature ejaculation problem? Why do you come so quickly?

Lack of control.

It doesn’t matter if you last 3 seconds or 3 hours, if you’re not in control of your ejaculation, you will have a lousy sex life.

Control is the most important thing. Control over your and your partner’s orgasm.

And that’s what I’ll teach you – how to take back control over your sex life.

Whether you last 10 minutes or 10 hours, if sex is pleasurable for both you and her, and both of you achieve an orgasm when you want to – you’re good in bed.

The stuff I’ll reveal below will dramatically change your sex life… you’ll last longer, have better sex, give your girl more orgasms… BUT only if you apply the material.

You have to realize that this isn’t a quick fix. If you have that mentality you can close my program now and ask for a refund, because you can’t be helped.

I say this because I’ve seen countless men going from one technique to another, constantly switching, never fully mastering any one of them, always chasing the next magic bullet.

I’m not going to lie to you – it’s going to take some time to really integrate this into your life. Like anything worth doing in life, long lasting changes require some time and effort.

If you are already thinking of giving up and going to look for yet another quick fix, realize this: This is no joke. If you don’t apply this material you will be miserable for the rest of your life.

You will have girlfriend after girlfriend cheat on you and break up with you because you can’t satisfy her in bed.

You’ll spend your days wondering if she’s cheating on you, never fully trusting her, never completely relaxed in your relationship. Because of your own insecurity. Don’t let your quick cumshots ruin your love life.

And those of you who are in a relationship that has lasted quite some time, you think you have it easy? She says it’s no big deal, right? You’re lazy, but she will forgive you because she loves you, she always has… Right?

Wrong. Lack of intimacy and sexual satisfaction is the number one reason why women cheat.

So, next time you’re looking for: One Quick Tip to Help You Last 30 Minutes in Bed! – realize that:

1. It’s a lie;

2. Your premature ejaculation is the side effect of much larger problem;

3. You CAN get rid of it, but it will take some time and effort.

4. And the only way to solve your problem is by tackling the root cause… that’s the only way you get rid of this – for life. Not just for a night.

Real men take action to solve their problems. You already showed that by investing in my program.

Now I’m asking you to study and apply this material – no matter how long it takes.

Every person is unique; and if you follow my program, I GUARANTEE you’ll never worry about premature ejaculation again. You’ll orgasm whenever YOU want to.

How long will it take? As I said, every person is unique. I had people apply just some of my advice and last longer that SAME DAY, but it does take practice, and it’s quite a unique thing. Some of you may be ejaculating too quickly because of anxiety, some because of their diet/lifestyle.

It depends on your unique situation, mostly from a psychological perspective. It could take you a week, or a month, but if you follow my advice to the letter, I know you’ll last longer sooner than later.

Because every guy is unique, there’s no general, one-size-fits-all type of cure for premature ejaculation. But my program covers each individual root reason that you can combine to make work for you.

Here are some of the most common mistakes guys make when it comes to sex.

Each one of these could be causing your premature ejaculation. I’ll talk more about each one in chapters to come, but try to see if you recognize yourself in any of these behaviors.


Pumping like a jackrabbit

You don’t stop, slow down or change the rhythm… EVER. You’re in and out before she even realizes what you’re doing. If your dick was made from metal, it could be used for road construction work.

You need to realize that sex isn’t a race and the one who finishes first doesn’t get a medal. Slow down, and be sure to focus on her, not just your own pleasure.
Rushing to the orgasm

This goes hand in hand with the point above. As soon as you feel an orgasm approaching, you rush towards it eagerly, and her pleasure be damned.
It’s going to take some discipline, but you will learn how to stop rushing to the orgasm and instead finish when YOU want.

Skipping foreplay

Ask any women what is the most common mistake guys make in bed, and you will almost certainly hear: Skipping foreplay. Well, I’m here to tell you that they are right.

If you skip foreplay and go right in, not only are you missing the chance to make her cum multiple times before you even start having sex, you’re also only speeding the time of your own orgasm. How? Well if you go in without the foreplay, she’s going to be dry and tight, which is going to cause a lot of friction with your penis. Friction = premature ejaculation. Don’t skip foreplay – ever.

Stressing about your performance

This one is mental, and I go into greater detail in the Mindset chapter, but here’s the gist of it: by constantly stressing about sex and being anxious about your future performance, you’re just conditioning your mind into expecting the same results (premature ejaculation) each and every time. It’s a vicious cycle and it can be hard to break free from it. Fortunately, I have designed multiple drills and exercises to help you change your beliefs and improve your mindset.

Not switching positions (only having sex in missionary positions)

There are some position which are beneficial to your lasting time, and then there are some which can cause you to last just a couple of minutes. Missionary pose is one of the latter. If you only have sex in that one pose, your chances of premature ejaculation are much greater than if you switch positions regularly and have sex in some positions that can make you last longer (like a cowgirl position).


This is not a mistake per se, more of a general attitude. But it is still the major reason for premature ejaculation so I included it in. How does laziness affect your lasting time?

You lack self-control and discipline to last longer than couple of minutes. Your desire for immediate gratification is slowly ruining your life, one ejaculation at the time.

In fact, I would argue that most of your premature ejaculation problems are caused by your rush towards the orgasm. It all started with masturbation, and then crossed over to the actual sex.

People in general lack enough self-control to delay instant gratification, whether it is saying no to the dessert in order to lose a couple of pounds, or not rushing towards an orgasm in order for their partner to enjoy more.

So here’s the solution: just as you’re approaching that sweet moment of orgasm, instead of saying “Fuck it” and ejaculating right there and then, be a champ and resist the urge.

If you can’t make it and still end up ejaculating, no biggie – there are plenty more tips available in this guide to help you overcome this dreaded problem.

But the solution to your problem could be as simple as this, so it is worth a try.

Shallow breathing

Shallow and fast paced breathing causes your stress levels to go up, which can, and often does, lead to an early orgasm.

The problem is that most of the time we’re having sex we’re not really paying attention to the breathing, and can start to breathe shallowly without even knowing it.

Pay attention next time you have sex, and you may be surprised.

As you can see, the reasons for premature ejaculation can vary.

Maybe your diet and lifestyle is good, but you have a loser, orgasm-in-a-second attitude.

Or perhaps you regularly do every trick in the bedroom to last longer, but you practice bad masturbation habits that ruin your performance no matter how hard you try.

And often it’s not a single thing that’s holding you back but a combination of factors that make you orgasm too quickly.

That’s why I’ve developed my 5 Pillars of Sexual Health – covering every area of your sex life.

After over a decade of shooting porn, I’ve witnessed every imaginable penis problem there is. And after closer examination, I’ve discovered that each and every one of them could be put under one of these 5 pillars.

The 5 Pillars are:

1. Mindset and Attitude;

2. Masturbation Training;

3. Kegels;

4. Sex Tips & Techniques;

5. Diet & Lifestyle improvement.

Master just one of them and you will last at least 3 times longer than before.

Master all of them and you will join the 1% of men who are unforgettable in bed … whose phone is constantly ringing with hot girls calling, begging them just for an opportunity to have sex with them. Fighting over your penis as if it’s the last source of food on the planet. Like it’s the fountain of eternal youth.

Yep, just like the scenes from porn. That could be a reality.

Because men that are THAT good in bed are as rare as an albino whale, and women worship these men and the ground they walk on (more on that later).

I recommend that you first read my program from start to the finish, and take your time to fully absorb everything in it. Take your time and carefully read each chapter. Later you can use it as a manual and just quickly access whatever you need based on what your situation calls for.

In every chapter you’ll find dozens of exercises designed to make you last longer and have better sex.

You can use each exercise on its own, but you’ll see the greatest improvement if you apply them all, gradually.

There is just one more important thing you must do before we continue with the program and that is to forgive yourself for your past performance.

Whether you realize that or not, you probably hold a grudge against yourself because of your inadequate past performance. It’s time to let that go.

In fact, I will argue that you should be GRATEFUL for your past performance.

Look at them not as a failure and an embarrassment, but as a motivation – not just for lasting longer, but for becoming overall the best lover your girl ever had.

After all, if you were average in bed, you would have never bought this book and took your first step towards a legitimate sex god. You would have stayed average and would have never experienced the confidence and satisfaction that comes from KNOWING you’re the best she’s ever had.

So, with that out of the way, let’s go on into the Mindset chapter.


Let’s party.


The first pillar is about changing your attitude. Your orgasm happens in your MIND first, and then your penis follows.

Your brain basically commands your muscles to start pumping stuff out and reach climax.

What most people tell you when it comes to lasting longer is focused on your penis, on external factors and techniques… that’s nice, but WORTHLESS if you don’t have your mind under control.

Your mind is more powerful than your body. Don’t get me wrong, mind and body work together and your body can also influence your mind – BUT, your orgasm is just a physical reaction of a psychological cause.

Anyone can learn a few easy penis “squeezing” techniques, but few can control their mind. And mind-control leads to COMPLETE orgasm control.

That’s what this first chapter is, your FOUNDATION to lasting as long as you’d like.

Understand and master this and everything else will be a walk in the park.

Develop a “winning”, long-lasting attitude, a FRAME of mind that sets you up for success… and you’ll last as long as you want, easily.

But before we can put together the correct frame in your mind, you’ll have to let go of all the negative social conditioning society creates that BLOCK you from performing well in bed.

That’s what this chapter is all about.


The #1 reason for premature ejaculation?

Sexual anxiety.

Millions of men, all over the world, regardless of age suffer from sexual performance anxiety.

It is one of the most insidious problems that plague men today because if the thought of possessing this condition ever crosses your mind – you are now thousands times more likely to develop it, even if you didn’t have it before.

It’s like when someone tells you NOT to think about a green apple. You can’t stop the image of a green apple coming into your mind’s vision, the same goes for sexual performance anxiety.

It is a vicious circle in which most men fall into and never climb out.

The worst part is that… once you perform – not-so-well – even if it’s just once, the thought of your performance starts creeping up, little by little, directly influencing you to perform worse, and worse every time.

Just take a look at this picture:

This is also known as self-fulfilling prophecy, which is just another way of saying that your beliefs influence your future behavior.

This is how it usually plays out:

You are anxious… you think you’re going to cum too quickly =>

Your anxiety follows you into the bedroom =>

Because you’re anxious you do cum too quickly =>

Afterwards, this only reinforces your belief that you will also orgasm quickly in the future.

And the self-defeating circle starts again like a snowball growing bigger, and bigger.

So why the hell does this happen? Why do people become anxious in the first place?


There are several reasons why men develop performance anxiety.

The most common is that you believe you don’t deserve her. That she’s something special and that you are unworthy of even breathing the same air she is. Your lack of confidence tells you that you’re not good enough for her.

I’ve seen it countless times while shooting porn. New guys always cum too quickly because they feel they are not worthy of having sex with famous, super-good looking porn actresses. Heck, some of them couldn’t even get it up!

Just think about it: You’re new to this whole scene and scared.

There are cameras everywhere, directors shouting at you, and, on the top of that, one – or more – super-hot, super-hungry chicks looking at you, examining you with their eyes, expecting your top performance.

You’re sweating and hoping none of them can see it.

Not only are you supposed to have sex with some of the most beautiful women in the world…

You’re also supposed to do it in front of cameras and about 20 other people watching – in the same room. Talk about performance anxiety!

So what often happens?

You go on stage and start having sex with that beautiful, sexy woman and… you last about 1 minute.

It’s no surprise that many male porn stars turn to pills and pumps, and in just a few short years become addicted, completely and irreversibly screwing up their penile and sexual health.

I’ve seen a lot of my friends burn out that way and I know you don’t want that to happen to you.

So what should you do? How can you tackle this problem without turning to pills, creams and the rest of that unnecessary garbage?

The key here is to change your attitude. If you’re not satisfied with yourself or your life, if you lack confidence and self-esteem, you will have a loser attitude.

When you feel good and are satisfied with your life, you can focus on sex and on pleasure you’re giving and receiving, you will have a winning attitude.

This mindset/attitude change will then directly stop your performance anxiety. And once we exterminate performance anxiety from every single brain cell in your head, you’ll automatically last longer, without pills, creams, or any other unnatural method.

This one thing alone is powerful enough to cure premature ejaculation forever. But, of course, we won’t stop there.

We’ll do much more than just stop your premature ejaculation situation; we’ll make you bang better than 99% of guys out there too.

Anyway, our first goal is to change your attitude and stop this vicious negative pattern that’s currently blocking you from lasting longer.

How can you change your attitude?

Take her (and sex with her) off the pedestal

The easiest way is just to change your perspective. It’s just sex, stop overthinking the situation. Easier said than done, I know, but it really is that simple.

Imagine this scenario: You live in a house with hundreds of beautiful women, and each and every one of them wants to have sex with you – daily.

You have sex (on a bad day) dozen or more times, every time with a different girl, sometimes with several of them at the same time (you lucky bastard).

Having sex is something you don’t even think about, it’s as natural as brushing your teeth or taking out the garbage.

So yeah, I basically described Hugh Hefner and the Playboy mansion right here, but do you think that he ever gets anxious about sex? How he’s gonna satisfy any one of those girls? If you were living his lifestyle, would you? I don’t think so.

Now, I’m already hearing the complaints coming: “But I am not Hugh Hefner and I don’t live in a mansion and blah blah blah…”

It’s not necessary to live in the Playboy mansion to have that mindset. You can have the “Hefner mindset” without even having a girlfriend (more on that later in this chapter).

So, instead of treating sex like this big event where you have to perform like a champ or you will be shot by a firing squad, treat sex as a fun and enjoyable exercise.

Relax, enjoy being with her, and take your time to explore her body. There are no cameras waiting to record your performance, you can just let go of anxiety and focus on pleasure.

So how do you do that?

Keep her off the pedestal. You’re only nervous because you think she is something special, or that you will never be able to get another girl like her.

That doesn’t mean you should treat her like a whore or some idiocy like that. It only means you should accept her like she is, with all her flaws and imperfections.

Look, I know this is going to go against all the conventional dating advice out there, but you really shouldn’t treat her like she’s anything special (at least when it comes to sex).

She’s not some angel from heaven, and you’re not blessed to have her; she’s a human being and she showers and takes a shit every day just like the rest of us.

Your task here is twofold. You must stop putting her on a pedestal and at the same time you must raise your self-confidence level.

I’ll go into more detail about that later in this chapter and give you exercises, but here’s the gist of it: If you simultaneously do both of these things, you will get that calm and relaxed attitude towards sex. And that’s powerful stuff.

When you get there you’ll realize that the goal of sex is fun, not performance.

You will stop rushing to get to the orgasm; instead, you’ll take your time to fully enjoy the stimulations before an orgasm.

Instead of constantly thinking about your or her orgasm and ejaculation, you’ll realize there are many pleasurable feelings beside an orgasm and you will experience them to the fullest.

How do you do that?

You have to stop being outcome dependent.

Every single one of your problems can be traced to your worry about your past performance, which is in, well, the past; or your future performance, which is (you guessed it) in the future.

You have to stop worrying about the past AND the future.

Why? Well, here’s the thing.

You should only focus on the things that are within your control.

Actually, that is pretty good life advice overall, but let’s focus on your ejaculation problems for now. Why should you do that?

If you focus on the things that you can’t control, you will end up frustrated and depressed because you can’t do anything about it.

If you, on the other hand, focus on the things you CAN control you will have a much better attitude towards sex and life in general.

You will stop complaining all the time and acting like a VICTIM, or despair over your condition, but will focus, instead, focus on overcoming challenges and taking action. Like REAL MEN do.

Solve stuff. Get shit done and bang like a pro.

How does this translate into sex tips for premature ejaculation?

Your past performance is in the past. The past is in the past, and it is beyond your power to do anything about it.

Agonizing about that time you blew your load in 20 seconds isn’t doing anyone any good, so stop doing it. FORIVE YOURSELF.

There is nothing you can do to change your past performance, so stop trying.

Accept that it was less than satisfactory, and use that discontent to propel yourself to start improving today.

Crying over spilled milk won’t change anything. So man up and march on forward.

And you should stop worrying about your future performance. It is, as I said before, in the future. And the future is, the last time I checked, also beyond your control. Who knows what might happen or whether you’ll live to see it. Therefore, this fear is unreasonable.

Stop expecting sex to be bad. But also stop expecting sex to be awesome and earth-shattering. If your expectations about some chick you’re about to sleep with are over-the-top and all high-hopes… you’re bound to be disappointed at some point. It’s a fact that what we expect (doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad) is rarely what happens in reality. Like, you expect a lot of money to make you VERY happy – but people that win the lottery aren’t nearly as happy as they thought the money will make them.

You expect that being in a wheelchair will make you miserable – but people in wheelchairs can be QUITE happy … you get used to almost everything in life.

The same goes for creating expectations about sex… the SUREST way to enjoy it is to be OUTCOME INDEPENDENT and just enjoy the ride – the MOMENT.

Quit having any expectations about the future at all. As soon as you become “outcome independent” you’ll instantly be able to relax more because you’ll put pressure off your shoulders.

Expect nothing and you’ll gain everything. Because you’ll be able to CALM DOWN and enjoy sex as something fun, exciting, pleasurable… powerful… without a goal, without a destination… instead you’ll enjoy every second of the journey – and that’s exactly what will make the whole difference in results.

They’ll naturally flow, without being forced or calculated. And you’ll both end up reaching more powerful orgasms than you ever thought possible.

So what should you focus on, if not the future or the past?

You should focus on what IS under your control.

The present moment. The only real thing that actually exists.

The here and now. This exact moment. That’s exactly where you should be during sex.

In the NOW.

The present moment is the only thing that is completely under your control. If you can control your thoughts here and now, you can eliminate anxiety completely and for good.

The thing with sexual anxiety is that it’s caused by thinking. Thinking about the past – all those pitiful performances. Thinking about the future – fearing and imagining the worst possible scenarios.

When you eliminate these thoughts, if you eliminate ALL thoughts, that’s the magical spot called “The Zone” where there is no anxiety, no fear; where you are completely present and focused on the each moment as it passes by; where you feel every sensation more intensely because there is no cloud of thoughts blocking your feelings.

You also feel when you’re reaching climax and you can tone things down and prolong your orgasm automatically.
All this comes when you STOP expecting an outcome. Good OR Bad. Your goal should be to have NO GOAL, NO AGENDA – nothing – except having FUN and enjoying the moment.

When you get into this state, you’ll won’t just have more CONTROL over your mind and body, but you’ll also become more CREATIVE sexually… you’ll be infinitely more attractive to women and this will make them have more fun and more powerful orgasms when they’re with you… which will just ADD to your confidence, and this in turn makes you perform even better… so the vicious cycle starts becoming a positive-confidence cycle working FOR you, not against you.

Once you’re in “the zone” of not thinking, not planning and not EXPECTING anything… sex becomes immensely pleasurable for both you and her; that’s when you can last as long as you want without ever coming near orgasm – unless you want to.

THINKING and EXPECTING stuff is your enemy in sex. It’s a common mistake guys make when they try to last longer. They listen to some BS advice they read online somewhere…

They tell you to “think about something else” (so you distract yourself from thinking about stuff like “Shit, I’m about to orgasm… okay, breathe, think of something else… something else…”).

So guys start thinking about ANYTHING as unrelated to sex as possible… like their job, cars, their mortgage, or about the BILLS – or some too obscene to mention stuff… hoping it will turn them OFF and prolong their orgasm.

This almost never helps. And usually ends in you reaching orgasm even faster. Because you’re still TRYING NOT TO think about reaching an orgasm, and you’re still thinking about your orgasm regardless of how hard you try not to.

Actually, the whole thing is completely counter-productive. The problem with the “think about something else” tip is the word “THINK” … thinking is the enemy.

You want to reach “the zone” where there’s no thinking, just animalistic sex… enjoying each other completely, without expectations or an agenda.

Another problem with this is that women KNOW when you suddenly become DISTANT during sex. And it’s a huge turn off!

They just know, they have a sixth sense, they can FEEL that you suddenly stop being in the moment and that you start thinking about something else… focusing on not reaching orgasm… so you pound away like an EMOTIONLESS ROBOT… or you slow down… pull out… or otherwise totally RUIN the flow of sex.

And that’s not even the worst part about the whole thing… once you start thinking about something else and she feels that you are suddenly distant – SHE stops enjoying it and SHE starts THINKING too – as a result.

You started first, so she follows. And what does she start thinking about? Well… a lot of BAD stuff crosses her mind.

Is he thinking about his ex?

Did I do something wrong?

Is he thinking about that SLUT from his office?

Is he CHEATING on me?

Am I boring him?

Does he even love me?

Either way… all these thoughts definitely lead in the WRONG direction and AWAY from enjoyment for both of you. She starts behaving differently, you start enjoying it less and less… heck maybe you start losing your erection… instead of reaching orgasm. And that just makes things EVEN worse.

At least if you orgasm she thinks “Okay, he enjoyed it…”

But as you can see, thinking and expectations are the enemy. Think nothing, and you’ll FEEL everything. You enter “the zone” of total pleasure and longer, more powerful orgasms.

I’ve put together a set of exercises that will help you achieve this blissful sexual state, at the end of this chapter.

But for now, let’s focus on women, and what they want. I want to bust some common myths about woman’s expectations and her desires from her man.

Doing so will help you become a better lover because you won’t be focused on the wrong things women don’t want in bed, but you’ll put your time in mastering things that will bring her (and you) the most pleasure.

So what does she want in bed? Does she want marathon sessions of sex hours on end?

The answer is NO. She doesn’t.

The truth is that you don’t need to last hours in bed. Not at all. You just need to last long enough.

Most women don’t want sex to last 2 hours, you get physically tired after 15-20 minutes of serious sex anyway and suddenly you start thinking about how TIRED you are instead of how pleasurable it feels.

Again, people have unrealistic ideas about TIME and sex. They link time to good sex, while it’s not necessarily connected at all. You just have to PASS a certain baseline and after that it really doesn’t matter and depends on the situation itself.

Sex should last as long as it feels amazing to both of you. And should end at the peak of excitement. Your job is to TAKE that peak as HIGH as possible – as long as it takes.
If you can get there in 10 minutes – perfect – if you need an hour and are physically ABLE to get there – even better. Actual FOREPLAY, both physical – and, more importantly – mental foreplay, can last a lot longer than actual sex – which could just be the culmination of everything that leads to sex.

If this sounds a bit confusing now – don’t worry, it’ll all make sense soon enough. For now – just realize that women don’t expect you or WANT you to last for hours and hours on end.

It’s not important to last hours – trust me, I know. Having sex with a woman nonstop for 3 hours straight sounds great in theory, but it is not so great in real life.

Let me give you a quick example.

One of the guys I know back from the biz is an animal in bed. They used to call him Bob the HORSE for a reason.

This guy can last 12 hours with any girl without even breaking a sweat.

And I’m not talking 12 hours with breaks for water or to go to the bathroom.

I’m talking about 12 hours nonstop sex session, without cumming or having an orgasm.

Just humping away like a jackrabbit, never slowing down.

You would think that girls would be lining up for a chance to be with him.

That was not the case. Even though this guy could bang like a race horse (and was hung as one, too), neither he nor the girls he was having sex with couldn’t achieve an orgasm.

And after 12 hours, most of these girls had bruises and were in pain several days later. I don’t need to tell you that pretty much every single one of them avoided him after that. Nobody’s happy when there’s no happy ending.

If a woman has a choice between a guy who can give her mind -blowing orgasms in 10 minutes, or a guy who can last 3,4, or even 5 hours but doesn’t give her an orgasm, she’s going to choose the first guy every time.

I’m telling you this to help you focus on the right things.

Yes, you can last hours and hours if you really want to, but I’m guessing you want to do that because 1) you want bragging rights when you tell stories to other men; 2) because you think that’s what women want.

I can’t help you with #1, except to tell you to grow up; when it comes to #2 I’m telling you here and now ( and so will any woman who is being honest with you) her having an orgasm trumps you lasting 3 hours, every time.

And let me tell you now, when it comes to a woman’s orgasm, your dick is the LEAST important thing.

For women – an orgasm begins in their mind first, just like with us. This is also true for men to some extent, but it applies much, much more to women.

I’ll go into practical tips in later chapters, but realize now that the words you say, the tone in which you say them, your eye contact – your entire body language and just how you make her FEEL mentally – not just physically – is much more powerful than sex poses or something like that when it comes to her orgasm.

Luckily, if you do the exercises I mentioned in this chapter, you will adopt that attitude unconsciously.

You will go through a transition period where it will feel fake to you. Realize that it will pass, and push on.


A simple trick to last longer is to STOP thinking about how long you’ll last or how we’ll you’ll perform and instead focus on how you can please her better.

Once you shift focus from yourself to HER, you’ll automatically stop thinking about an outcome and just focus on making her feel amazing and enjoying every second of it.

You stop putting women on a pedestal … Sex now has no astronomical value; instead, it is something you do almost every day and it is normal part of your day.

So… you cleared your mind. You stopped being outcome dependent. You stopped worrying about how long you’ll last because you know that you don’t have to last 5 hours to get a good “rating” on your performance.

You are also aware that your self-esteem is directly linked to your performance in bed, and you are working on your confidence levels (see the exercises at the end of the chapter).

You are focused on the now, you’re not thinking about the past or the future; you’re entirely in the present. And you are PRESENT.

She can feel you, there, with her – mentally. Your souls meet as you look deep into her eyes.

What’s left?

The logical next step is focusing on her pleasure. Because you are completely in control of your own, and your thoughts aren’t popping in your head like popcorn in a microwave, you can focus on her and her orgasm.

Only a truly confident person can focus on other people.

People with low self-esteem are unable to think about anyone except themselves, and are incapable of providing pleasure to their partners.

People with real confidence can easily focus on the other person, because they aren’t afraid they will be left out.

They are certain in their ability to both satisfy and be satisfied sexually.


We’ve spent some time here talking about how you can raise your confidence, be present, keep her off the pedestal, focus on giving her pleasure and in general adopting an alpha male attitude.

What’s missing are some practical exercises for that to happen.

You can’t just read about it and change your mindset just by theory alone. It takes time and practice to BREAK negative thought patterns that you’ve been used to.

And the DRILLS I’ve got for you are simple exercises that will REPROGRAM your mind to think and feel the way ALPHA, long-lasting guys think.

Think about it like resetting your brain’s software to make it work on optimum level and remove all the garbage that inevitably piles up if you don’t do a clean-up regularly.

Then once we NUKE all the bad stuff we can add powerful software that will SUPERCHARGE your performance… then with some time and practice you’ll HAMMER this so deep into your psyche that you’ll become “subconsciously competent” – so you’ll be able to last as long as you’d like and you’ll have complete control over your orgasm – without having to think about it.

Since reading just by itself isn’t enough, I’ve devised a set of exercises – let’s call them DRILLS – that will help you achieve all of those things, and more, automatically.

Do these drills every day for the next 30 days – and I guarantee you’ll last longer!

Don’t be a LOSER who does these drills for 3 days, then quits because they don’t work overnight. No shit, that’s like people expecting to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger after 1 month in the gym.

A real-winner follows through.

So do the drills, no matter how “simple” they may seem (that’s why they’re powerful!) for at least 30 days, without skipping a day, and you’ll see real results that last.

And these mental exercises won’t just help with lasting longer. If you’re willing to stick with them long-term, I guarantee that your whole life will change for the better.

So let’s dive right in.


The first drill is that you’ll do positive, long-lasting affirmations.

And you may think affirmations are just some new-age hippie crap, but I’ve seen them work too many of times in porn and everyday life that it’s hard for me to be a skeptic.

When done right and done long-term, affirmations WORK. Period. Their power is in their simplicity.

The reason I want you to do affirmations and why they’ll help you naturally perform much better in bed – is because affirmations can change your mindset and attitude from a losing one to a total WINNER.

You do affirmations so you can help yourself automatically, subconsciously APPLY in practice the theories we’ve discussed so far in this chapter.

See, we all have that inner voice that constantly talks to us. For some, he is in a great support role, cheering us when we fail, and urging us to aim higher.

That’s how some people can be eternally optimistic and confident; their inner voice is constantly encouraging them.

But most of us are not so lucky. Our voice is our harshest critic, always judging and undermining us, laughing and lowering our confidence when we try something and fail.

It is that little bastard that is the source of your sexual anxiety and low self-esteem problems, which lead to poor performance.

I used to be like that, constantly doubting myself and my abilities, before I was introduced to affirmations.

What affirmations let you do is take control of that inner voice, and transform it from a negative one into a positive voice. You are essentially hacking your brain and reprogramming your thought process.

The human mind cannot differentiate negative words. If you think to yourself: “I’m not going to cum quickly” – the only thing your mind is going to hear is “I’m going to cum quickly.”

The same goes for imagination. There is no difference between reality and fantasy. If you imagine all the worst scenarios, your mind is going to think that THIS is the reality.

Affirmations help you destroy those negative thought patterns and chose what you want to think and imagine. It is a bit like Neo in The Matrix: you will not learn Kung Fu, but you will “download” powerful and successful thought patterns.

How to use these affirmations:

Read them every day, twice a day. Read them once in the morning, after you wake up, and once in the evening, before you go to bed.

You don’t need me to tell you that it is best to do these exercises alone. Take a few deep breaths, then in a clear voice read these affirmations aloud 3 times.

Don’t add or change affirmations – you can do that later when you’re more experienced, but for now, just use them as I provided them in the list below.

Here’s the list:

1. I give and take pleasure freely and easily

2. I always take the time to slow down and enjoy sex

3. Being a great lover comes naturally to me

4. I can experience intense sexual pleasure without ejaculating

5. During sex I am naturally relaxed and free from stress

6. I am an alpha male

7. I am always relaxed and calm

8. I am totally secure in myself

9. I am able to please my partner for as long as I like

10. I can last as long as I want in bed.

These are your new Ten Commandments. If you follow them as religiously as you are supposed to do with the original ones, I promise you that heaven awaits you in the bedroom. Do this for 30 days, every morning and before going to sleep, and I guarantee you’ll boost your performance.

Why Not More Affirmations?

You are probably reading this and thinking: “10 affirmations? Is that it? Why isn’t there more?”

This is one example of situations where more isn’t necessarily better. And there are several practical reasons why I limited your daily affirmation training to just 10 above mentioned.

When it comes to affirmations, the most important thing is regular practice, plain and simple. Of course, quality of affirmations plays a great role – which is why I selected the very best there are. But, in the grand scheme of things, whether you do 10 affirmations a day, or 30, or even 50 – it really doesn’t make that much of a difference. The point is

that regularly programming your brain with positive, empowering thoughts WILL change your life and allow you to last as long as you want to.

If you can get the same results with 10 affirmations a day that you would with 100 affirmations a day, you would be crazy to choose the second option.

There is one more reason why I limited your program to just 10 affirmations. I assume that you, like most of us, have a busy and hectic daily schedule. If I gave you 50 affirmations to read and write every day, twice a day, you would probably do them for the first couple of days and then quit. Yes, it would be nice to write 100 affirmations a day, every day, but I don’t live in a fairy land and thus I try to be as realistic as I can be.

10 affirmations a day twice a day is doable for anyone who has a burning desire to get rid of his premature ejaculation problem, which includes you, considering that you bought and now are reading a book on that topic.

Drill #2: Visualization

What do Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey all have in common? Besides being rich, successful and at the top of their respective fields, all of them swear by visualization.

Visualization, in layman’s terms, is practice of mentally imagining (visualizing) the desired action or outcome. The person who practices this technique uses all his senses to imagine his ideal situation in first person view, over and over again.

Visualization, especially in sports, is by no means a new discovery. Soviet athletes used in in 70s to dominate US athletes. It also has a long and rich history of use in various religions and philosophies.

Modern science also confirms the benefits of visualization. In one Australian study conducted few years ago basketball players were divided into three groups: First just practiced shooting hoops, second only visualized shooting hoops, with no actual physical practice involved, and the third combine both visualization and physical practice.

The results?

Third group outperformed first and second group by far. But what is more surprising is that the second group, the one that only visualized, improved almost the same as the group who only had physical practice.

My personal experience confirms these findings. About year or two after I got into porn, I had a minor injury that nonetheless put me out of the business for a month. And let me tell you something about the porn game – if you don’t practice regularly it’s easy to fall behind and lose your edge. This isn’t something like riding a bicycle – you have to constantly practice and improve.

This injury couldn’t have come at the worse time. I was relatively unknown at that point and was just starting to make waves. If my performance when I got back was subpar, I would be let go and that would be the end of my porn career and all of that time I put into building my reputation would be ruined.

Desperate, I called my mentor who was a pro back then (now retired just like me) and explained to him my situation. He listened sympathetically, paused, and then said just one word:


He then went on to explain how every performer who is serious about his art uses visualization to take his skills to the next level: athletes, musicians, painters, actors and yes, even porn stars.

He told me that, since I was unable to have normal sex that I should visualize all the scenes I was supposed to perform next month. I should play them in my head, over and

over again, including all my senses. I should see the girl(s) I’m supposed to have sex with….hear her screaming as I’m pounding her from behind….feel her tight ass as I’m
slapping it as hard as I can… smell and taste her pussy as I’m eating her out – you get the picture.

And so I did it. Day after day, whenever I found free time I closed my eyes, relaxed and started visualizing how I perform the perfect porn scene. At first I could do it for just a minute or two, but as the days passed, soon I spent half an hour visualizing every little detail, from the tattoos of the actresses to the lighting and cameras following me.

What was the result of all that visualization?

A month later, when I had my first scene after the injury, I gave the best performance of my life.

In fact, that one performance was enough to propel my career into the stratosphere. All thanks to visualization.

So let’s talk now how you can use visualization to last longer and generally improve your sex skills.

First, find a nice, quiet place where you can be alone and undisturbed (same as affirmations).

Set aside 10-15 minutes and lie down and close your eyes.

Now, try to imagine your ideal sexual performance. Don’t skip on details now – the more detailed you make your visualization, the better.

Imagine it from the first person view, or in another words, through your own eyes.

Involve all your senses – Imagine what you see while you’re taking her like a sex-champion; imagine her screams of pleasure; feel her tightening around you as she reaches orgasm after orgasm. Imagine yourself being that hairy, caveman type alpha male, utterly confident and completely in control of your ejaculation. (Hint: Do you really think CAVEMEN had a problem with premature ejaculation? Nope. They didn’t think about much other than hunting, eating, banging…).

Imagine lasting however long you want – be it 10 minutes, half an hour or even 3 hours.

You are completely in control of your arousal and excitement.

What do you see?

What do you hear?

What can you smell/taste?

What do you feel?

The more detail you add to your visualization, the greater the effect is going to be.

Also – don’t start immediately with the sex part. Imagine the foreplay, undressing her, kissing her – the full deal. Play the entire film inside your head, from the moment she comes to your place to the end of the intercourse (which of course lasted as long as you want).

Practice this drill once or twice a day. You can do it in the morning or in the evening, whatever suits you best. Just find those 10-15 minutes of quiet, undisturbed time to practice visualization.


Meditation is a pretty great habit overall to add to your life, but here’s why it helps eliminate premature ejaculation:

A less known reason for quick ejaculation is stress.

We live in pretty stressful times, and it is hard to find someone who can honestly say he is completely relaxed most of the time.

But, if your stress levels are too high, and are thus causing your ejaculation problems, you need to learn how to keep them down.

One of the best and quickest ways to de-stress is by meditating.

As a bonus, meditation will greatly help you with your efforts to focus on the now and not think about the past or the future; it will ground you in the present moment.

The great thing about meditation is that you can do it pretty much anywhere: at home, on the bus, before the bed, etc…

I still recommend beginners to do it alone, at home without distractions, because it will be a lot easier to start.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, then you can meditate whenever and wherever you want, but for now, let’s stick to a somewhat strict schedule.

You will be meditating every day – preferably during the morning, or the late evening before bed. Set the timer to 2 minutes, then lie down on the bed, completely relax your muscles and close your eyes.

Now here’s the tricky part: completely empty your mind and only focus on your breathing. Breathe in, breathe out – that’s the only thing you should be doing.

No fidgeting, no thinking about dinner, thinking about sex – nada, just focus on your breaths. They should be deep and long – breathe in through the nose, breathe out through the mouth. Try to make each phase last a couple of seconds – 3 seconds breathing in, 3 seconds breathing out.

Anytime you think about something else, gently push that thought away and go back to focusing on your breaths.

This will be extremely difficult. Most of us are bombarded with constant streams of thoughts every second of every day, and it’s hard to stop all that and focus exclusively on one thing such as breathing.

That’s why you start slowly and ease into meditation. 2 minutes out of 24 hours a day doesn’t sound so difficult now, does it? And it gives you the opportunity to test the benefits of meditation without serious time commitment.

After some time, be it a few weeks or a couple of months, you will be able to completely focus on your breathing during those 2 minutes, and you will not be interrupted by random thoughts.

What then?

Then you raise it to 5 minutes. Then 10. Then 20. And if you can be completely focused on breathing without thoughts interrupting for 20 minutes, congratulation, you can now apply to become a Buddhist monk.

It’s extremely unlikely that you will ever reach that level, but you should always strive to prolong your time. And you definitely don’t need to meditate for 20 minutes to feel all the benefits meditation has to offer, but keep in mind that the longer you meditate, the bigger they will be.

And what does this all have to do with lasting longer?


Remember how we talked about you NOT THINKING during sex and, instead, being present, in the moment – enjoying the journey, without expecting any outcome. Well, meditation teaches you the art of “not thinking” and having your mind clear, empty of clutter.

Now that we’re on our way with the mental-game part, let’s move on to more practical techniques and tricks to super-charge results.

Chapter 1 Highlights:

• If you think you’re going to ejaculate quickly, you are.

• Take her and sex with her off the pedestal.

• The goal of sex is fun, not performance.

• Shift your focus – go from yourself and future “F*ck I’m going to cum soon” to present focus on her “I wonder what kind of pleasure I can give her now.”
• You don’t need to last 3 hours – sexual enjoyment >>> lasting time.

• Affirmations are your friend – if you repeat it long enough, you will believe it.

• Visualize your way to success: what your mind sees it believes.

• Meditation is not just for monks: #1 stress killer will help you last longer.


I won’t lie to you. The adult film industry is DESTROYING our sex lives and minds. I was part of that industry and I know what it does to the male mind – and relationships.

You develop UNREALISTIC expectations about how sex should be. Even though the average adult movie is FAR from reality, you still see it as “true.” It’s not your fault, tough.

The two MAIN reasons guys can’t last long nowadays is porn and masturbation.

Now that almost EVERYONE around the globe has high-speed internet and instant access to infinite amounts of “action-movies” … anytime, anywhere, on your phone, laptop, wherever.

What this means is that guys are basically jerking off 10 TIMES MORE than ever before. And we start earlier too.

Before, you’d buy Playboy magazine as a kid or get older kids to buy it for you and check pictures together with your friends… now it’s just a click of a button and there’s a super-hot Hungarian chick and group of crazy guys basically “demolish” her.

Hardcore stuff. Before, things were a lot SLOWER and you had less access. Even my generation watched porn all the time on VCR’s, then DVD’s, but things were slower.

Watching porn is EASY and it’s for LAZY people that don’t want to put in the effort of meeting people and actually having SEX for a change.

It’s like everyone’s meeting online instead of in real-life. It’s easier to go online and bust a nut for free than to approach that chick, get her number, call, pay for drinks and dinner (and clean your place up before that!) and bring her home. You can just “get lucky” in 5 minutes online.

A generation before mine, when we still didn’t have endless internet porn – things were EVEN slower. Basically, people jerked off less and had sex MORE.

Today there are millions of guys out there in long-term relationships or married and they STILL watch porn because it’s SO GOOD it’s almost impossible to resist.

And the Industry keeps selling all the stuff men are buying. So you can see the action you want whenever you want. The Industry also DEVELOPS and influences your tastes, whether you want them to or not.

I don’t want to turn this into a rant, but I was part of this world and I’ve seen what it does to guys and marriages.

Guys in porn have a slightly different type of performance anxiety than regular guys, but still – they need to be READY for those TOP-MODEL, CRAVING and willing chicks. Which is also crazy hard.

The point is that, nowadays, whacking off has never been easier and more popular. Everyone has ADD, and when you don’t know what to do with your time – you watch porn. What else, right? It’s a way to relax now – because it’s one of the few things that can get and KEEP your FULL attention.

The problem with that is that guys jerk off too often and have less sex, less practice.

And automatically this makes them perform poorly and last just a few minutes.

So, by watching porn all the time you teach yourself to orgasm quickly and you develop a lack of focus, in a way.

Because you need more, and more, and more stuff in order to have your attention focused on one thing.

This makes it harder “not to think” during sex too. And then you basically program yourself to become a quick-shooter.

Masturbation is something most of us have been doing since puberty. You would think that after all that time (and practice) most of us would have learned how to masturbate the right way.

Sadly, that’s not the case. Millions upon millions of guys all over the world are masturbating with wrong goals and wrong technique, subconsciously conditioning themselves to last no longer than Usain Bolt’s new record.

Why is that?

Well, think about it. Most of us started masturbating when we were teens, living with our parents. The goal there was to pleasure yourself as quickly as possible, in order not to get caught.

That was maybe ok then, but now you are a grown man and that little habit has been ruining your sex life for years.

How? It’s very simple actually.

If you’re jerking off with a goal to satisfy yourself as quickly as humanly possible, you’re training your penis to respond to stimulation with that goal: to cum as greased lightning.

And that’s a good idea when you’re home watching porn, but a bad idea when you’re actually having sex and trying to last longer in order to satisfy her (for once at least).

See, your penis will do as it has been conditioned to do by habit. If you are masturbating with a goal of orgasming in 3 minutes, you’re building a habit that is going to follow you to the bedroom.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not telling you this because masturbation is some kind of EVIL you should get rid of. No.

The good thing is that you can USE masturbation to your ADVANTAGE. So you can keep watching porn AND last longer than you ever thought possible THANKS to adult movies and your ability to use them for practice, so you can be totally ready for the real deal.

So how can we take you from “Quick Cumshot Kid” to “Fabio the Stallion?”

Read on.

Our goal here is simple: to change the goal of masturbation, and with it, the technique.

It’s time to start thinking about masturbation not as quick means to pleasure yourself, but as training for sex.


This next exercise is called edging, and it is perhaps the easiest way you can cure your premature ejaculation once and for all. No joke – just this exercise ALONE can do wonders for you.

So, what’s edging?

Edging (also called “peaking,” or the “start stop” method and a few other names) is a sexual technique whose goal is to bring yourself very close to orgasm but stopping just a few seconds before you orgasm.

It’s a technique virtually every guy in the industry does – whether he wants to or not – because they just scream “CUUUUUUTT!” at him mid-scene… – but many guys also do it as training to prepare for “work”… and with good reason:

a) It is super-simple and it WORKS

b) And you can do it all by yourself with just some lube and 20 minutes of your time, 3 to 4 times a week.

With “edging”… you’ll basically be reversing years of bad masturbation habits and you’ll re-condition yourself to last as long as you want.

Edging is typically done in 20 minute sessions, but you can without any problem do hour long sessions – as long as you don’t cum at the end of it!

It’s ridiculous how many benefits just this one simple technique can bring to you sex life.

Here are just a few of them, because I’d need an entire new book to list them all:

1. It will help stop premature ejaculation.

Well, duh, this takes the first place. But edging will not just stop you from ejaculating quickly, it will also…

2. Improve your sexual stamina.

Imagine this: You’ve been having sex with her for half an hour, she’s screaming from the pleasure you’ve been giving her, you’re extremely aroused – but completely in control.

Edging will extend your time in that time when you’re banging her; you’re extremely aroused, but still nowhere near ejaculating. Because you’ll orgasm when you decide to release the accumulated pleasure.

3. Intensify feeling of climax.

By only orgasming during sex, and not when masturbating, you will have a much more powerful, shock-wave like orgasm. You know the scenes from movies where a guy just can’t stop SPRAYING all over her… the floods just don’t end and shoot like streams at the speed of bullets. We’ll – that happens when you ACCUMULATE (not your load), but

sexual energy… arousal… ready to be released. And once it does – it’s like a splash of volcanic eruption.

And where you used to orgasm for only 3-4 seconds, now your orgasm lasts for 10-20 seconds and seems like it’s never going to end.

She’ll be amazed too since she’ll think it’s all thanks to HER skills, and not your endless “edging” sessions that build up CONTROL … AND muscle-power in your penis.

I’ve had guys who told me they literally could not stop shaking from pleasure once they’ve applied this technique.

The problem is that most guys are LAZY (don’t be one of them) and GIVE UP. It feels TOO good and you get TOO close to reaching orgasm and you lack the self-control and discipline to stop.

So you blow your load and nobody, but yourself, can see what a failure you are – with the willpower of a puppy.

Hopefully these other side-benefits of “edging” will keep you going after all.

4. Edging significantly improves chances of your partner reaching an orgasm.

Since women usually take longer to orgasm than men, this will automatically increase your chances to give her those mind-blowing orgasms she has been craving for.

Women take more time to get turned on and orgasm than guys (later I’ll tell you why foreplay is YOUR BEST FRIEND when it comes to lasting longer), so once you can last longer, you’ll please her more.

And that’s a positive circle – knowing you CAN please her will increase your confidence, and that makes you perform even better.

You also SEE that you can do it, and that’s when those affirmations kick in – because now you don’t feel like you’re lying to yourself anymore by telling yourself “I’m the best, meanest sex-machine the world has ever seen” – you actually live up to your beliefs. It’s all connected.

5. Increase semen distance, power, count and output.

Yep, that’s right – you will get SUPER SPERM. Not only do you get healthier sperm count, but edging is one of the secrets we porn guys do to shoot sperm… and after applying my program so will you!

6. BONUS: Can Increase Size!

Yup, this one simple technique can even increase your penis size!

But to be honest, it varies by how much from guy to guy and it depends on your dedication and commitment to practicing the technique.

Your penis is a muscle… and by training it, you can pump it up similarly like how you can pump up your chest and biceps.

So if all this doesn’t get you to practice “edging” on a daily basis… I’m not sure what will.

The good news is that it isn’t really a hard exercise, all I’m telling you to do is, basically

– watch the best porn in the world, jerk off with lube… do it for 20 minutes – and don’t climax. It’s a fun exercise.

If you do it for 30 days, every day, I GUARANTEE you’ll last longer every time you have sex and you’ll have INFINITELY more control over your orgasm than you ever had before.


Before I teach you how to edge, you first have to familiarize yourself with different levels of arousal.

Let’s say there’s a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is not aroused at all (ZERO)… and 10 is PONR (Point Of No Return) – which is exactly what is sounds like: you are about to ejaculate and can’t do anything about it.

So let’s say it looks like this:

1. Completely not aroused – Having a picking in the park, chilling…

2. Slightly aroused – Hot chick passing by… “Wow… nice…” you check her out

3. Slightly more aroused – Big-booty chick drops her bag and goes “low” to pick it up flashing you with her thongs, boobs, and sexy lips (#FML)

4. Aroused, but can easily stop – She looks at you and licks her lips…

5. Significantly aroused – Grabs your penis…

6. Significantly aroused – Gets on her knees and says “Can I please blow you?”

7. Extremely aroused – “But only if you come all over my pretty, naughty face…”

8. Extremely aroused and extremely enjoying it – She’s going throat-deep right there in front of everyone else…

9. Mightily aroused, almost about to cum, but still managing to hold on – You’re biting your hands in disbelief… she’s an Exsperminator – your girlfriend taps you on the shoulder but you shush her away…

10. PONR/Orgasm/Ejaculation – She’s gulping down every single drop… making sure no solider is left behind. Your girlfriend left you, but who cares – You only live once. You can die now and go to hell. It was worth it.

You want to keep yourself at level 7-8.

Best part about edging is that the longer you practice it, the better you become at detecting your arousal levels and how you feel on each one. The point is to keep yourself from entering that 10th level as long as possible.

This in return strengthens your mind-penis connection which helps you last even longer, leading you into a virtuous cycle from which you emerge as a sex god among mortals.

But back to edging. Before you begin:

1. Find a comfortable, silent location where you won’t be disturbed. You’re going to need at least 20 minutes for this; you don’t want to be interrupted.

2. Have a lubricant. Edging is supposed to be just like the real deal – and lube is essential in bringing that vagina feel to your session.

3. Set the timer for 20 minutes.

The basic premise of edging is this: You will climb the levels of arousal until you get to 7-8; STOP; go back a few levels, and then go up AGAIN until your time is up.

Here’s a detailed explanation:

First, start by arousing yourself until your penis is hard. Pay attention to everything you feel, and fully experience every single sensation.

This is why I told you to be alone, in a silent location. You need to focus 100% on your penis, be fully present in order to develop that mind-penis connection.

Once you’re hard, lubricate your penis and start stroking it. Begin at the base of the penis and slowly move towards the head.

One Important Note: Try to avoid stroking the head of the penis at the beginning of your edging session. The head and its surrounding parts are extremely sensitive, so you shouldn’t stimulate them too soon.

Take your time, and try to move slowly from one arousal level to the next one.

Because this is your first time edging, I recommend you get to the level 7, and STOP. Just slow down or completely stop touching yourself. Don’t expect this to be easy. It’s easy to say Screw it! and just go for the orgasm. Don’t. Instead, take control of your urges and slow down/stop completely.

If you’re watching a video, pause it or keep it going but completely stop touching yourself.

Wait for your arousal to drop a few levels, maybe you even lose your erection.

Breathe deeply and listen to your body. Take control of your penis and thoughts instead of ignoring them.

Once you’ve cooled down, start arousing yourself again and go up in arousal levels.

Repeat this process as many times as you can until the timer goes off.

After the timer goes off, STOP. Don’t ejaculate. Just put your penis away and focus on something else. I know, it’s hard, but don’t be a cry baby, just do it, you’ll thank me later when your banging away for half an hour.

Your goal with each edging session is to go higher and higher in arousal levels and stay at the higher levels for as long as you can. This won’t be easy, but when you can last 20 minutes at Level 8-9, you’ll look back at your premature ejaculation days and laugh it off as an embarrassing distant memory.

If you can get to that “I’m 5 seconds away from having an orgasm” level and you STOP and calm down… you’ll master this. The point is that you stop right there. Another way to do this is to watch your favorite porn for an hour but never achieve orgasm even though you jerk off and you’re micro-seconds away. The point is that after 20+ minutes… you STOP, turn off the videos, take a shower, and chillax. All without achieving an orgasm at the end.

I’ll finish this chapter with a warning.

If you can’t go through these sessions WITH porn… I advise you to do it without watching. Instead, tap into your imagination … think about some chick you’d like to be with… and just go with the flow, old-school. No videos. No pictures. Nothing.

It will be harder to achieve those levels of arousal, but still quite possible. And if you have a SEVERE case of premature ejaculation, then you absolutely must go on a porn-detox and watch no porn for a 30 day period, together with meditating, affirmations and edging.

Again, if you’ve got a SERIOUS premature ejaculation case, and I’m talking about… you can’t last more than 10 seconds to 1 minute.

Then… DON’T WATCH PORN. Not until you can get to a phase where you can EASILY last 10-15 minutes at least. Only IF you can last 10-15 minutes, then watching porn can be OKAY. Otherwise it’s counter-productive for you personally and it will only make things worse. I’m not telling you to STOP masturbating… I’m telling you to stop using porn as a medium for masturbation and just use your imagination instead.

It’s kind of funny coming from an ex porn star, but there’s no one better to tell you the truth.

The problem with adult movies is that it’s unreal. You’re just training yourself to be too aroused when it comes to actual sex. It presents sex as far more arousing than it actually is. That causes you to involuntary tighten your muscles, become sweaty or anxious, or have a rapid heartbeat.

It’s the industry’s big secret: porn causes an addiction because of endorphins released when you achieve orgasm. Whether you want to or not – your brain links these good feelings to porn.

Stopping won’t be easy, but trust me, it will be worth it. Anyone that has a serious premature ejaculation problem should do a 30-day porn-detox.

Not only are you going to last longer and have a better erection, you’re also going to have better and more enjoyable sex with your wife or girlfriend.

Just try cutting porn out from your life for a month. See how you feel and how your sex life is going. After that, you’ll see if I’m right or not.

Okay, so just to recap this chapter. You CAN use masturbation to your advantage and learn to control your arousal levels by “edging”… you’ll increase your penis-power and stamina if you edge the way I explained for a 30 day period. Once you can last a lot longer, we’ll move to more advanced exercises to further improve your performance. Later you won’t have to exercise like on a daily schedule, but you can move it to 2-3 times per week until you achieve mastery of controlling your arousal levels.

Chapter 2 Highlights :

• Masturbating and ejaculating in matter of minutes is killing your lasting time.

• Change the goal of masturbation: Don’t cum as quickly as possible, instead use it as training for sex.
• Know your arousal levels – and stay at levels 7-8.

• If you are addicted to porn (and you know if you are) go on a porn detox – eliminate porn from your life for 30 days.


You probably heard about Kegels. Maybe you even tried it once or twice, inconsistently, and gave up after not seeing results from two days of practice.

You think they are overrated, that they are a gimmick and not worth your time.

I’m here to tell you that you are wrong. Kegels WORK, and the only reason they may have not worked for you before is that you didn’t do them correctly.

Along with edging, kegels are one of the few very simple techniques that bring amazing results.

Not only do they prolong your lasting time, they make half of the ability to shoot sperm (edging making the other half).

Don’t believe me; check out this study conducted by Dr. Sommer.

The study involved 124 men who were separated into three groups.

One group did pelvic floor exercises (Kegels), one group took Viagra and one group took a placebo.

The pelvic exercise group took the first place with 80 percent experiencing stronger, harder erections, followed by the Viagra group with 74 percent, and the placebo group with 18 percent.

Yup folks, Kegels beat Viagra. Keep that in mind the next time you’re thinking of buying pills and drugs for problems that can easily be solved naturally. They take more effort than popping a pill – but they work long-term.

Pills may be fine for those who have ED and erection problems, but how will Kegels help you with premature ejaculation?

It’s actually pretty simple: by developing a stronger PC muscle, you will have more CONTROL. And that’s the whole point in lasting longer – CONQUERING your penis by gaining total control over your orgasm.

Regular pre-cumming and premature ejaculation is a result of you being super turned on; it’s also usually the evidence that you probably don’t have control over your pelvic muscles.

But by developing your PC muscle through easy Kegel exercises, you won’t have leakage or hit the PONR as quickly.

They also promote better penile blood flow, which is another crucial part of lasting longer.

Are there any side effects of doing Kegels?

When done correctly, no.

Some guys may experience fatigue, weak orgasms or weak erection at the beginning.

This is normal as you’re training these muscles and just like bodybuilding muscles you get in the gym, they have to become weaker before they can become stronger.

For all of these problems, the solution is simple: just stop Kegels for a day or two.

Next time you achieve an orgasm you’ll notice a pretty big difference. If these problems persist, consult your doctor.

I’ll tell you about my experience with Kegel exercises.

Before I got into porn I’ve had exceptionally weak pelvic floor muscles.

I couldn’t last longer than 2-3 minutes on average, sometimes I couldn’t even get it up!

But since I got an offer to shoot porn for cash (thanks to an old high-school pal), I’ve realized that I had to fix this problem to get my dream-job. Bang hot chicks AND get PAID for it. (I later found out it isn’t such a walk in the park… unless you’re a talent, you’re just a piece of meat on camera).

Since I was FORCED to solve my premature ejaculation problems – or stay broke – I reached out to a couple of guys in the scene and asked for their advice.

Kegels, Kegels, and more Kegels – that was their answer.

I was unconvinced. “But everybody knows about Kegels. Surely there must be more to it than that?” Why doesn’t EVERYONE last for hours on end if it’s that easy?

Apart from the guys doing drugs, most adult actors just used Kegels and edging.

The reason why most regular people don’t see any REAL results is that it takes time to see lasting results from Kegels, and most people just give up too quickly. It’s one of those things where REAL RESULTS add up and you see FULL impact and reap rewards only once it all “clicks.”

If you already tried Kegels and didn’t see the results, be honest now: How long did you practice them? A few times a week? A couple of days a month?

Listen, the PC muscle is a skeletal muscle, just like quads or biceps. You wouldn’t expect to squat 500 lbs. the first time you went to the gym, right? It takes time, dedication, and most importantly, CONSISTENCY to see enduring changes from Kegels.

How long are we talking about? Well, like I said before, it depends on the person. I’ve seen guys master Kegels in just a few weeks, while some who screwed around took up to 6 months to master them completely.

But if you follow my program, I see no reason why it should take you more than 4 weeks to see SERIOUS changes when it comes to your lasting time, orgasm control, and overall sexual health.

Follow my 28-day Kegel program and I PROMISE you’ll last longer and perform better than ever before.

Let’s talk technique.


The easiest and the quickest way to find your PC muscle is to stop the flow of urine while you are urinating. The muscle you used to stop urination is the PC muscle.

It’s also the same muscle you use when you’re trying to hold in a big fart.

You can use both of these methods to find your PC muscle.

After you’ve done that, here’s how you do Kegels:

1. Make sure your back, abs and leg muscles are completely relaxed

2. Contract your PC muscle (by imagining the process of cutting the urine flow/ holding in the gas)

3. Hold the contraction for as long as you can (building up to 10-15 seconds hold)

4. Release

Yes, it’s that simple!

You’ll notice you can do Kegels pretty much anywhere: while sitting at work, being hold up in traffic, or lying in the bed.

However, if you’re new to Kegels – it’s likely that your PC muscles are underdeveloped and you can easily over train them in the beginning.

That’s why I’ve made it a 28-day program to help you ease into daily practice and help you become stronger gradually.

Before we get to that, I want to tell you about mixing edging and Kegels. Yes, it can be done, and yes, the results are double-good.

However, I recommend you start with just one and don’t mix them in the beginning.

You’ll just lose your focus and do a half-assed effort at both. Once you’ve mastered edging, you can add Kegels to these practice session easily enough.

As you’re approaching Level 8-9 and closing in on the point of no return, just squeeze your PC muscle. It’s going to be extremely difficult to do this if you have a weak pelvic floor balance or are not used to going up to level 8-9, so that’s why I recommend that you leave that for later stages of your training.

Also, newbies don’t generally know where their PONR is so they have a difficult time squeezing their PC muscle on time.


I recommend you start doing Kegels by lying down on a bed, alone.

You’ll be more relaxed in this position and you’ll also be able clear your mind to focus on Kegels and nothing else.

Focus matters, especially for beginners who still haven’t really developed their mind-to-penis connection.

Below is the Kegel routine I used after my first failure in the industry, and these are the exact routines that KEPT me in the game.

Be disciplined and follow this exact program for a month, and you can say goodbye to premature ejaculation. You’ll last as long as you want to.

WEEK ONE – 3 days a week, 5 sets of 10 reps

We’re going to start of easy. Do Kegels 3 times during this first week, but make sure there’s a day of rest between workouts.

For example: Either Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.

Whatever day it is today, when you start, just make a 1-day break between sets.

For now, do the exercises flaccid; don’t get an erection.

While you’re lying down, contract your PC muscle and try to hold the contraction as long as you can. Don’t worry if you can last only a couple of seconds, that’s normal at this stage of your training.

Just contract, hold, and release for 10 reps. Take a short break, then do the rest of the sets. Five sets of 10 reps in total. That’s all. It’s harder than it sounds if you truly focus to do it correctly. It may be boring, but don’t cheat by doing less or give up. Do the whole thing. As the weeks go by, you’ll gain more and more control over these muscles.

The goal of Week One is to warm up your PC muscle and to get you used to the exercises.

If you can’t finish all the sets/reps the first week, just repeat the week. Yes, repeat the whole week from scratch until you can complete the assignment. We want you to build a solid foundation of strength before you move on to more advanced stuff.

WEEK TWO – 3 days a week, 10 sets of 10 reps

Week Two is pretty much the same as the week before, but now you’re doing 10 sets of 10 reps.

Of course, as you’re increasing sets and reps, you should also be increasing the contraction time.

So, if last week you’ve managed to hold the contraction for 2 seconds, try to get it to 4 seconds this time. If you’ve managed to hold it for 10 seconds, shoot for 15 or 20 this week.

Use your own judgment here and try not to over-train; that will seriously hamper your progress.

Be sure to slow down your release time also.

Don’t just de-contract – try to release it as slowly as you can, make that time rival the contraction time. So, for example, if your squeeze time is 10 seconds, try to drag the release time to at least 7 seconds.

WEEK THREE – 6 days of week, 5 sets of 10 reps

Now we’re getting serious!

Even though the amount of work is the same as the week before (300 Kegels) now you only get 1 day to rest. So you’ll go six days in a row, 5 sets of 10 reps.

If you can’t finish the week, take a week off and then try again.

It is imperative that you don’t advance through the program without fully completing the assignments.

WEEK FOUR – 6 days of week, 10 sets of 10 reps

You should be well rested and ready for this week.

You’re doubling the amount of Kegels you’re going to do and with just 1 day to rest.

This is the week most people give up. You’re not going to do that because you’re a winner and you know that although pain is temporary, regret is forever.

So get to it. Six days in a row, every day 10 sets of 10 reps. Take squeeze and release time as long as you can, just complete the sets. Pause in-between reps and sets longer if you need to, as long as you complete it. Pay attention to how you breathe too, this can help you get through the whole thing.

It’s a good idea to find a time during the day that’s ideal to do this, maybe even in the morning, but usually you’ll be your weakest at this point. Either way it’s a good idea to do these exercises around the same time each day.


So you’ve done it.

You’ve gone through the whole Kegel program and emerged a changed man.


What’s next?

What follows next is no joke.

If you can’t properly do Kegels or lack even the tiniest bit of control over your PC muscle, you’re not ready for this yet.

Even if it takes you 2, 3 months, go back to the program and do it again until you’ve completely mastered it. Then, and only then, go on to Advanced Kegels – they’ll take you to that next, master level of orgasm control.

The next step is doing Kegels while having a full erection.

Week 5

For this week, here’s what you should do: lie down on a bed, alone, in an undisturbed location.

It’s the exact same setup as before, except now you’ve got to get hard and stay hard throughout the whole exercise.

Now, squeeze your PC muscle AS HARD AS YOU CAN. You will see blood rushing to the head of the penis. The key here is to squeeze slowly, hold for 10-15 seconds, and also release slowly.

So each phase: the squeezing, holding and the releasing phase should last 10-15 seconds on your first week.

Do the 10 sets of 10 reps. If you’re fatigued, take a short rest between reps. Doing it 3 times per week is more than enough for most guys.

Week 6?

Honestly, if you’ve made it so far and have completed everything as it is written, I can only say: Well done!

In fact, you probably have better control over your dick than half the porn stars I’ve met, and that’s saying something.

So take this moment to congratulate yourself on your hard work and discipline.

Now, you’re likely wondering what’s next. Holding a Kegel for 10 minutes? 500 Kegels a day?


Look, not only have you cured your premature ejaculation, you also most definitely can shoot sperm up to 3 feet away and can hold back cumming for as long as you want to.

Any gains you could acquire now would only be marginal and really not worth your time unless you’re in the porn business.

Now this is the time when all your hard work can pay off. Just like a bodybuilder who, once he’s gain his maximum muscular mass, can coast on being in a gym 2 x a week for 45 minutes session, so can you do Kegels only couple of times a week and still maintain your results. Pretty awesome right?

In fact, after my initial training, I never once did Kegels more than 3 times a week, and that’s when I had multiple threesomes in one day, and then gangbang scenes the next. So trust me, if my overused dick can get by training 3x a week, yours shouldn’t have any problems.

How to Actually Use Kegels during Sex

With all that training information out of the way, let’s talk about how you can actually use Kegels during sex to last longer in bed.

Before we begin, let me tell you that Kegels should never be your only training method. They are the last line of defense, and they require skills and, more importantly, timing to pull off.

Roughly speaking, you should do a Kegel 3-5 seconds before PONR (or when you think you’re going to ejaculate). You will then hold the contraction until the urge passes, which usually means 15 seconds tops. Afterwards the feeling of arousal should go back down a few levels and you can continue having sex with no loss in erection or horniness.

Here’s how this usually plays out:

-You’re having sex, feeling great, and then feel an orgasm approaching;

-Right before you’re about to cum (3-5 seconds before) you do a Kegel squeeze and hold on;

-You hold the squeeze until the feeling passes (10-15 seconds);

*Lower the arousal during this phase as much as you can. For an example, if you’re having sex in missionary position, slam your entire penis inside of her and don’t move until the urge to climax is gone.

Follow the same rule no matter what position you are in – it is the friction that causes the feeling of premature ejaculation – when you are deep inside of her and NOT moving, there is no friction.

The timing is crucial here. Miss it even by a second and you will either be too late to stop the orgasm, or you will start it early (the same muscles that can help you hold the sperm down also help to push it out – remember that I said Kegels are a part of the technique to help you shoot sperm?)

The reason I don’t recommend most newbies to start with Kegels is that, while training is relatively easy, the timing is the thing that makes or breaks you, and when you’re new to these techniques it can be difficult to get it right.

Luckily, the best way to practice timing (besides actual sex) is also the easiest: masturbation. It’s very simple actually: at the end of your session, instead of getting messy and looking for a tissue, do a Kegel squeeze and try to time it right. If you are successful multiple times in a row (not on the same day, spread it out during a week) you can then try to apply it during sex.

Of course, it will be more difficult to do it in the bed, so I suggest you try to do it first in the cowgirl (girl on top) position. You are mostly relaxed here, and you can focus on just squeezing your PC muscles.

Chapter 3 Highlights:

• Think Kegels are overrated? They beat Viagra in effectiveness.

• Kegels and Edging combined give you the ability to shoot sperm – just like a porn star.
• Follow my 28 day program as a quick and easy way to start Kegeling.

• To use them during sex, squeeze 3-5 seconds before an orgasm.

• Best Kegel practice for sex? Squeeze before an orgasm during masturbation (if you’re not practicing edging).


We’ve got down how you need to think to last longer – like a winner – and went through a couple of mental exercises that will help.

We’ve covered 2 foundational techniques, edging and kegels, that will help build muscle and stamina. This has all been preparation to the REAL thing: sex.

If you’ve got a long-term girlfriend or wife you can practice on – perfect. Even a fling is great. As long as you can have sex and practice – perfect. The more the better.

If you’ve already practiced the techniques from previous chapters (and you should if you didn’t) consider this chapter as the cherry on top: you don’t have to do it, but it will make the sex for you and your girl a thousand times more pleasurable.

When it comes to sex, as with all other things, practice makes perfect; not only should you seek to improve the quality of your sexual experiences, you should also seek to increase quantity – but, never at the price of quality.

So you’ll have to find a balance. Until you gain complete control over your orgasm and can last as long as you want, your duty will be to bang her often, bang her good – have sex every day.

This ties into the Mindset chapter – what better way to stop being anxious about sex than to reduce it to a fun daily practice? Of course – don’t make it a chore.

You don’t have to put pressure on yourself and force yourself to have sex when you don’t feel like it. Instead of pressuring yourself, we’ll figure out a way to naturally increase your sex drive and desire. The more you want her, the sexier she’ll feel. Every woman wants to feel desired.

Still, the point is that – the more often you have sex, the better you’ll get at it and the longer you’ll be able to last. It’s that simple.

If you just hooked up with this new chick that you want to impress, and the first time isn’t “perfect” – don’t worry, just have sex as often as you can and the third, fourth time will turn out much better once you cool down a bit and can relax around her.

This is where “outcome independence” comes into play – you’ll both, usually, have high expectations of your first time sex – which rarely turns out perfect, since you’re still not that familiar with each other’s body. But I’ll tell you a little sex secret – the key to making your first sex with a new girl awesome is to WANT her.

If she feels the ANIMAL in you that wants to cherish her entire body, smell and kiss her, take her, etc. she’ll feel amazing.

Still, keep in mind that not all factors depend on you – she may be too self-conscious, unable to relax, or have other mental barriers that are hard to figure out instantly and will take time to get over.

She could and probably has a more serious case of performance anxiety than you.

So the less outcome dependent you both are, the more you can relax and just try to have fun and let the chips fall where they may.

Just keep in mind that women are turned on by being wanted. By regularly having sex, you’re showing her how much you crave her.

This, in turn, will make her wet and even more turned on, causing her to orgasm more quickly.

This will all lead to a positive cycle of having more sex, becoming better at sex, and ultimately, lasting as long as you want and satisfying yourself and your girl.

And the best part is, after a few months of this, your girlfriend will BEG you to have sex with her.

There is no better confidence booster than your girl on her knees, taking you deep down in her mouth, craving every inch of it.

Telling you how wet she is. How she has been fingering herself thinking about you. How she longs for you in her, slamming her, filling her up. Taking advantage of her.

Nothing will give you a better Alpha mindset and help you last longer than your absolute certainty that you can always satisfy her and have her begging for more.

This can be your reality. Now, I’m not going to lie to you and say it’s going to be easy – but it’s totally doable and totally worth it.


The biggest solution for performance anxiety is that you shift focus from your pleasure to hers.

I’ve told you before how to shift focus mentally – here we’ll cover the physical, practical aspects of diverting focus to her pleasure.

If you want to last longer than ever before – never skip foreplay.

This is one of the TOP reasons most men can’t last long.

You RUSH to put your cock inside her and you do so BEFORE she’s completely wet and turned on. And you get used to getting away with skipping foreplay, every time.

The problem with this is that she isn’t turned on yet, so she rarely has an orgasm. And you both end up just wanting to “get done with it” and rush sex too.

She’s also too tight – so you can’t survive the first 2 minutes of sex and orgasm too quickly.

And those first 2 minutes of sex are THE most important minutes of sex. Why?

Because if you can get past the first 2-3 minutes – then you can last for an HOUR – as long as your overall body-fitness and stamina allow you.

Your cock gets USED to the sensations after 2-3 minutes and is less stimulated, she’s more wet etc. and you are less likely to bust a nut quickly.

If you can survive the first 2 minutes, after that it’s EASY to control your orgasm – at least much easier than in the first 2 minutes.

BUT, if you don’t skip foreplay, and let’s say, you give it 10-15 minutes to turn her and yourself on a lot more… then you do two crucial things:

1. She’s more turned on and more likely to orgasm, which creates a positive sex cycle (gives you more confidence, lowers your performance anxiety, etc.). She’s not so tight anymore so your urge to explode isn’t so crazy.

2. You are ERECT for 10-15 minutes. This means that you had 10-15 full minutes to practice your SELF-DISCIPLINE and NOT enter her. You kept a bulging erection without trying to RAM it into her. That takes self-discipline and control. So, during foreplay, you’re actually building control and unconsciously training your Kegel muscles because they’re continually contracting one way or the other.

Make it a rule. NEVER skip foreplay. Always make it 10-15 minutes of kissing, licking, biting, whatever she enjoys. If she’s really, really turned on – don’t give it to her, let her beg for it, eat her out, finger her, kiss, whatever, just don’t give it to her yet.

Keep your erection for as long as you can before you enter her. All of this will help build your stamina.

Keep in mind that women need on average 11 minutes to get aroused. It’s not like us guys who see a pair of boobs and we’re ready to go.

Guys are notorious for rushing foreplay. If this is something you’ve done, I’m here to tell you that you’re missing out on the biggest opportunity to satisfy your woman, EVEN IF you screw up and you orgasm too quickly.

How is that? Well let’s think about this for a second. If you can make her orgasm multiple times during foreplay – do you really think she isn’t going to forgive you if you ejaculate prematurely? You’ll also get rid of your performance anxiety because you’ll know you already performed well. This will take a lot of pressure off your shoulders so you can RELAX and ENJOY sex completely, the way it should be.

CONTROL the flow of sex by making foreplay last at least 10-15 minutes. When she begins begging you to finally give it to her. DON’T.

Resist the urge and tease her a bit more, spank her, push her up against the wall, talk dirty to her… make her go insane with pleasure.

Only after some time has passed and she is literally shaking and almost crying from immense sensations of pleasure you’re giving her, give it to her when she’s already super-wet and you just slide it in her – easily, never forcing it or anything.

That’s the right time to start, and by this time you’ll already be able to last a lot longer than you usually could.

Bottom line: never skip foreplay. Try it for a month and you’ll see amazing results. And don’t get lazy later on.

Remember, make it your sex rule. Break it only when you’re looking for a quickie and already did a lot of MENTAL foreplay (which is a lot more powerful than physical anyway.)


You need to set the atmosphere for foreplay and sex. I can’t believe I’m even writing this, but guys, having your dirty underwear lying 6 feet from the bed in which you’re about to have sex isn’t really a turn on for a girl.

Clean your room and vent it, make your bed, all the usual stuff you would do if a new guest was arriving to see you.

Next, buy some candles and light them up. I know, I can already see you rolling your eyes, telling me its cheesy etc. but remember that girls don’t think like that – they only see the effort you put in for them.

And no, you don’t need to do that every single time you have sex (although a clean room is a must) but every once in a while is desirable. She has to have SOMETHING romantic to tell her girlfriends.

You can also invest in a few pieces of sex-furniture, toys, etc. Any props that will help prolong foreplay and set up a care-free environment.

After all, it’s much easier to have an orgasm if you’re NOT thinking about anything – as opposed to being worried about the bills.

That’s why it’s a scientific fact that women have more and better orgasms with RICH men. Why? Because how rich guys make them feel – rich guys are more CONFIDENT and RELAXED, this makes them perform better in bed + she’s not worried about the bills and can RELAX in a nice, comfy, queen-sized bed.

You don’t have to be rich or famous to make her feel this way, simply – if you are confident and relaxed, from another, internal stimuli (like with affirmations etc.), you can be BROKE, but still make her feel these emotions if you feel them yourself – since emotions tend to jump from person to person. How you feel is how you’ll make her feel.


Ok, so she’s on your bed, you’re kissing – now what?

Resist the urge to start undressing immediately. It is a default response with us guys and the wrong one. Instead, take your time and slowly remove each piece of her and your clothing.

Kiss her (now exposed) skin – start with her neck and go down on her breasts, stomach, legs – all the way down. Keep in mind she also may be tense, especially if you’re in a new relationship. So you have to help her relax and FEEL beautiful in her body.

That’s why you should look at her body with fascination. If she has a nice booty, tell her about it, squeeze it, spank it, kiss it, and bite it.

Don’t be afraid to use your hands – and don’t just put them on her ass or boobs. Caress her entire body with your palms and fingertips – legs, back, arms. Lick her nipples, kiss behind her neck and back, everything. Turn into an animal, sniff her all around.

While you’re exploring her body with your lips and your hands – look for her “hot spots”

– places on her body where she is extremely receptive to touching or kissing; look for signs from her, like “Don’t stop,” “That feels good,” or some nonverbal sign – her loud sighs or her grabbing your body and squeezing tightly. That is the area you want to focus on the most, but don’t overuse it – be sure to enjoy her entire body.

All the time you are doing this – kissing, licking, caressing – talk to her. Don’t be silent all the time.

Tell her how good her body feels. How good she tastes. How she looks great. How you’ve been fantasizing about her all day.

How you’ve been touching her thinking about her. The best way to do it is whispering in her ear, while you’re kissing her neck and caressing her back (or fingering her).

Do be warned though – girls will try, sometimes forcefully, to get you inside her right then and there. You can, but it’s much more fun to tease her and continue with dirty talking.

Why does this work so well? Here’s a little secret you won’t find mentioned often, but you might not want to look if you are convinced that politically correct bullshit is the truth.

Feminism and similar movements would like you to think that women are turned on by nice guys who appreciate women for their minds and their achievements.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. The reason feminists keep perpetuating this myth is because they are not secure in their femininity. So what is the truth?

Women are turned on by being wanted. They get wet from being an object of male desire.

That is the truth. Countless porn actresses get wet just thinking about the scene they are going to film. Why? Because they know that millions of guys will be fapping to them – that they will be consumed with desire for them.

How can you use this in your relationship? It’s simple – show your desire for her in your words, in your eyes, your touches. Show her how much you want her. Don’t be timid here boys, girls will let a lot slide if you make them feel desired.

How to Last Longer During a Blow Job

Here’s what to do to avoid premature ejaculation during a blowjob.

It helps a lot if you are standing up, because you can control her head movement and show her what to do. That puts you in the control.

Now, the two main reasons why most guys cum too quickly from a bj are her sucking tempo and the fact that most girls usually suck just the head of the penis, which is the most sensitive part. So let’s look at those two in more detail and see what the solutions are.

Her Tempo

Her head is going up and down and she’s got a great rhythm going. The problem is that it’s too great and you soon feel an orgasm approaching. This is a common problem and the solution is pretty simple: make her change her tempo.

Tell her to slow down and to lick you at different speeds. Doing this will enable you to still enjoy pleasurable feelings, but at the same time minimize your risk of prematurely ejaculating.

Sucking Just the Head of the Penis

The other main problem is that most girls just suck the head of the penis, which has most nerve endings and thus is the most sensitive part. Constant pressure applied to the same spot again and again will inevitably lead to premature ejaculation. The solution here is also pretty simple: make her lick different regions. She can run her tongue along your shaft, lick your balls, and kiss your inner thighs. Let her get creative there.

BONUS TIP: Stroke the Roof of Your Mouth with Your Tongue

This is a neat little trick that you can use and immediately see the results.

When you are near an orgasm, press the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth, and then move it in circles.

Now, most men assume this tactic works on the same principle as does thinking about baseball does – distracting you from sex. But it is actually the opposite – this technique is grounding you and helping you experience every sensation you feel at the moment, not just those in your genitals.


There are countless books and articles telling you X, Y, Z technique for fingering and licking girls, but they are all missing the point.

As the old cliché goes, every girl is different, and stuff that works with one girl extremely well may be a complete disaster with another.

There is much truth to that, so that’s why I’m suggesting the following solution.

I’m going to keep this simple: Just ask her what she likes. The best time to do this is during the foreplay; while you talking dirty to her and your hand is rubbing her. Just whisper to her, in a deep, seductive voice: “Tell me what you like. What turns you on?”

Pretty simple, right?

Then go down on her, and do it often. The simple act that you go down on her, regularly, distinguishes you from all the other guys she’s dated. Since the majority of guys don’t do it anyway.

And when you’re down there – attitude is king. Eat her out like she’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted.

That attitude alone will do all the difference. She has to feel like there’s no other place in the world you’d rather be than between her legs. Love every second of it and she’ll love you forever in return.

All of this is important because it will turbo-charge your confidence and eliminate all performance anxiety issues you might have. And that’s what will help you last as long as you’d like. Knowing that you are ABLE to satisfy her completely will give you CONTROL over your sex life.

That’s it for foreplay. If you do all the things I mentioned she will probably have multiple orgasms even before you slide insider her, and she’ll be dripping wet and ready for you.

Now let’s get to actual sex techniques for lasting longer.

Condoms: Yes or No?

At this point, I should probably take a step back and talk about condoms, safe sex and all that. At the risk of sounding like your high school sex ed teacher, you should obviously always wear a condom when having sex outside of monogamous relationship with new people or just casual flings.

I might sound like a hypocrite here, considering I slept with thousands of women with no protection whatsoever, but remember that all porn stars pass regular STD tests every few months. Being clean and STD free is something that brings food to our table, so there’s no messing around with that.

And what if you are in a steady relationship? Well there are still multiple factors to consider. Is she on a pill? Can you trust yourself to pull out if she isn’t?

Condoms in general will prolong your lasting time because they dull the sensations somewhat. You don’t need them to practice my tips and techniques, but they do help.

How to Survive Your First Two Minutes

Ok, so you’re done with the foreplay. She’s dripping wet and practically begging you to bang her. You are good to go and it’s time to actually begin having sex.

I already mentioned before in this chapter that your first two minutes are the most important part of sex – if you last through them, you are out of the danger zone and will likely last however long you want.

Sex begins with the choice of positions. Here’s the list of most common ones and how they affect your lasting time.

There is a whole list of positions coming up with detailed explanation, but for now, let’s just say that you will start in cowgirl (or girl on top) position, because it will help you last longest.

During foreplay, while you are lying down next to her and kissing and fingering her, lie on your back and pull her towards you, so she ends on top of you. You can say to her: “Come here” or something similar. While she’s on top of you, don’t immediately start having sex. Instead, kiss her neck, breasts and lips for a couple of minutes, making both you and her even more turned on.

Then, when you are ready to have sex, just take your dick in one hand and center it, and push her body gently with other hand resting on her hip. She should be so wet by this point that you should have no problem sliding inside.

(Side note: if you are using a condom, now would be the time to put it on)

Keep your legs straight and your abs and glutes (butt muscles) relaxed. The whole idea here is that your entire body should be relaxed, except your dick of course. You are in a passive position and this is allowing you to last longer right out of the bat.

Now, obviously you shouldn’t just lie there like a corpse and let your girl do everything. All that kissing and caressing you did during foreplay shouldn’t stop just because your dick is inside of her now.

Grab her head, pull her down and start kissing her. Bite her neck playfully, breathe heavily in her ear and tell her how much she turns you on. Use your hands to explore her body while she’s on top of you: start with breasts, and then go behind, lightly scratching her back, starting with shoulders and moving down the spine. Spank her on the ass – you can be rough here a lot, an ass is mostly muscle and fat and can absorb a ton of punishment.

These are all just general ideas by the way; you shouldn’t try to memorize everything is sequence like a robot. A big part of sex is just enjoying it and going with the flow.

What to Do If You STILL Feel Like Ejaculating?

There are a couple of things you can do if you feel you’re going to cum while she’s on top of you.

Begin by checking yourself. Are you tense? Often guys will unconsciously tense their muscles during sex without even realizing that they are doing it. If you are, relax them slowly. This is best done before nearing PONR because you might not have the time to relax your muscles if you’re close to orgasming.

Another good way to relax is by breathing exercises at the end of this chapter. Short summary: Short, shallow breaths lead to excitement and premature ejaculation; deep, long breaths lead to relaxation. There is a detailed technique at the end of the chapter so I suggest you look there.

You don’t have time to relax your muscles. Now what? The next most likely reason you are close to ejaculating is speed of her tempo, i.e. how fast is she jumping on your dick.

The key to slowing down without killing the mood is to change the direction of her movement. Instead of going up and down, she should move her hips in a circular motion. That way she still enjoys sex and having your dick inside of her, while you enjoy reduced friction and slower tempo.

When you feel like you are approaching PONR use both of your hands to grab her hips. Hold her firmly and then with your hands start moving her in circle. She will pick up the

intention and continue on her own. I suggest you keep your hands there for some time, while the danger of premature ejaculation is still near.

And finally, if neither of those two things help, or you still feel like ejaculating after a short period of time, just change the position. The time it takes for you to change the position should be enough to cool down a bit.

What position should you go to next? It depends. If you are near the edge of the bed and are strong enough, tell her to wrap her arms and legs tightly around your body, then stand up and continue having sex standing up. I suggest grab her ass by your hands and control the speed and the rhythm of your thrusting that way.

Doggy style is ok; the main thing you need to worry about is your thrusting speed. If you feel like you are close to ejaculating, switch your tempo: instead of fast, short pumping, do it slowly and put your entire dick inside of her. The tempo should be slow enough that she feels every inch of your dick as it enters her vagina. And don’t just pull it out either – you can spend a couple of seconds inside of her enjoying the feeling and yet not being close to ejaculation.

Worst position to transition to is the missionary position, for the reasons already mentioned. But, if you end up in it, don’t despair: as soon as you feel an orgasm approaching, just slide to your side and change again to the spooning position, where you’re face to face with the girl. Once in that position, it will be much easier for you to delay ejaculation, because your muscles aren’t under a lot of tension.

There are more tips and tricks on delaying ejaculation in this chapter, but honestly, if you apply the info from this part, you should last well above your usual lasting time. Add in Kegels and edging and you will be comfortable ejaculating when and where you want.

Do keep in mind that this is for when you’re just starting out. After a month or two you should be comfortable enough to have sex in any position and with any tempo you want: however for the beginners this is the best plan to follow.


Remember these from the masturbation chapter? Now we’re going to put all that exercising you did to good use.

Your goal is to get to, and stay, at level 7 throughout sex.

When you enter her and start having sex, do it slowly and gradually move up in arousal levels.

Don’t start humping away like a jackrabbit – that will cause you to rise up too quickly and shoot over level 7, leading you to (you guessed it) premature ejaculation.

Instead, start slowly, and fully experience every sensation before moving up in levels.

The added benefit to that is, because you took your time with foreplay like a champ, she will enjoy the penetration much, much more because she is so turned on that she feels every inch twenty times more powerfully.

If you’ve practiced edging for 30 days, you’ll be able to recognize level 7 and you’ll be amazed at how much longer you can last in that level.

I know you don’t believe me now, but if you do all the exercises, both mental and physical – you’ll easily be able to control your arousal levels. The fun part will be when you can get to levels 8 and 9 and say there throughout sex – this is “the zone” – where sex is INCREDIBLY enjoyable, almost ecstatic – but you don’t orgasm.

Have you ever noticed how women enjoy sex a lot more than guys – during sex – while us guys only seem to enjoy the END – the orgasm.
It doesn’t have to be that way at all. If you can reach levels 8 and 9 and stay there, you could basically have a NEAR-ORGASM level of enjoyment that lasts for 10-15 minutes, where you’re basically having sex and all the time you’re on the edge of exploding.

The good thing is, you won’t have to consciously hold back, since you’ll be able to control your arousal levels, it won’t be some type of big effort to stay there.

This means that you’ll enjoy sex 10 times more… it could take you a month or two of edging, kegels and sex-practice sessions to get to levels 8 and 9, but it’s well worth the effort.

Another added benefit of this is that when YOU enjoy sex more at levels 8 and 9 – these emotions transfer to her – and she’ll enjoy it a lot more too once she sees how turned on she’s making you.

You’ll be able to BUILD up your orgasm and once you finally orgasm you’ll literally have FLOODS of shots blasting out like crazy and your orgasm will last much longer, instead of 5 seconds, you’ll be coming for 15-20 seconds and more. Crazy stuff.

And SHE will feel like it’s HER doing all of this and making you feel this way, not knowing it’s actually all your practice sessions. And that’s even better. Make it seem effortless and she’ll just feel so good about herself and her “abilities.” And this only creates an even more positive sex-cycle.

Since she’ll feel it’s HER that’s making you feel that amazing (and she is, in many ways), she’ll RELAX and she’ll be more confident and OPEN to exploring sex with you in any way you want.

All the kinky stuff you’ve been hoping for. Yep. You can have your very own porn star sex slave satisfying your sickest desires. That’s the power of being able to last longer and giving her the kind of sex she’s didn’t even know existed.


If you’re having sex soon and only had a limited time to go through the exercises, you might need a few instant tips to boost your performance. Here’s what you can do.

1. Masturbate an hour or two before sex. A classic, and will work with most guys. You don’t want to rely on it in the long run, but if you are going to have sex in couple of hours, go for it. The only problem with this is that, unless she’s super-hot and you want to RIP her clothes off – you might have a hard time getting hard later on. In this case, you can still masturbate (edging, but reaching orgasm at the end), several hours before. For example, if you have a date this night, masturbate in the morning.

2. Change positions. If you feel like climax suddenly – usually jumping from level 5 to 10 like you just teleported – or if you are physically tired, switch your position.

Try to do it smoothly: for example, pull out and tell her, in your most dominant voice, “I want to take you from behind” then flip her and go in. NOTE: DO NOT change positions if she is about to have an orgasm. That will only piss her off. Instead, use some other technique that still leaves you inside of her. Either way, changing positions smoothly works; the point is that you dictate the sex scenario. You run the show.

3. Go slowly. I mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating: premature ejaculation can be, and usually is, caused by friction. Friction is created when you are thrusting as quickly as you can. So, to avoid friction (and quick ejaculation) go slowly. Try to figure out when’s the right time for EMOTIONAL sex and when it’s more rough ‘n’ dominant. When you slow down, make it seem emotional, kiss, look deep in her eyes, put your fingers in her mouth to suck on them, bite her lips, kiss her neck, and stuff like that. Grab her hips and ass tightly and moan, how amazing she makes you feel and how perfect she is.

4. Kegel Squeeze. As with edging, this is what you’ve been training for. As you feel an orgasm approaching, do a Kegel and hold it until the orgasm passes.

5. Relax your muscles as you approach PONR. A lot of times premature ejaculation can be caused by tension in the muscles. If you are about to come, check your muscles for tension – if you are tense, take a second to relax them completely.

6. Grind. If you feel that you’ll come in a few seconds, stop thrusting, and just grind your penis in circular motions. Doing this will break the friction and allow you to last longer, without breaking the rhythm of sex. It will also be extremely pleasurable for the girl, because your pubic area will directly stimulate her clit.


Not all positions are created equal. You see, some positions force you to come faster, for any reason.
And positions that are comfortable for you may not be so comfortable-pleasurable for her.

Again, positions that are NOT comfortable can make you LAZY, and laziness makes you orgasm quickly because you get physically exhausted and can’t take it any longer.

On the other hand, it’s good to be in physically demanding positions because they make you practice your focus and durability; they’ll help you build stamina in the long-run.

Physically demanding positions often take away enjoyment from sex because they DILLUTE focus – you can’t focus 100% on the sexual pleasures because you’re balancing with physical stuff, other muscles, etc. are taking up your attention.

This is good because it makes you less sexually excited and can make you last longer – but it’s BAD if you’re not fit physically and you get too tired too quickly – because it will make you give up on lasting longer and you’ll come just to get it over with.

Either way, if your mind is strong enough and you understand that being sexually LAZY is bad, then uncomfortable positions can work in your favor – especially if they make HER feel amazing and hit the right spots.

Still, some positions are really bad for your premature ejaculation because they tighten the muscles that make you PUMP and orgasm.
You’ll last longer when your Kegel muscles aren’t too affected. Basically, your Kegel muscles can work FOR or AGAINST you – they work FOR you if you squeeze them just before reaching orgasm and block yourself from contractions – you stay stiff – but if your Kegel muscles are constantly contracting-squeeze-releasing during sex, you’re more likely to pump out an orgasm.

So, during sex, it’s a better option to be in positions where your Kegel muscles are relaxed and simply unable to PUMP out an orgasm.

Basically, throughout sex – you should choose positions that have a RELAXING effect on your Kegel muscles – and once you are HIT by an instant-need to orgasm immediately, THEN and only then you should use your kegels to block your orgasm.

Squeezing your kegels during sex is counter-productive and will only force you to orgasm.

So all the time during sex, try to relax your kegels as much as possible by picking positions where these muscles between your anus and testicles are used less. Then once it “hits” you – squeeze your kegels to block your orgasm, relax again, and continue having sex.

So, here’s a list of the most popular sex positions and their effect on your endurance.


The favorite of millions around the world, this is actually the worst possible position for your lasting time. Until you finish the 30-day program of exercises and everything, avoid this position like the plague.

Not only is it causing the most friction, but because you’re on top, it is causing your muscles to be tense the entire time. Not good at all. Completely avoid this position in the beginning.

The problem here is that, basically, in every DOMINANT position where you are doing the majority of the “work” – you’re in positions that make you orgasm quickly. Whenever you’re doing the “action” and the pounding, you’re at risk of orgasming quickly.

That’s a problem because you SHOULD be dominant in bed and it’s, somewhat expected.

A good tactic here is to be in more passive positions in the first 10-15 minutes of sex while you both heat up completely and then shift into more aggressive, dominant positions.

For example, start with her on top and stuff like that until you pass the first 2-3 minutes

– the most crucial minutes actually – if you can pass this part, you get used to the sensations and then it’s a lot easier to last longer.


Doggy style is slightly better than missionary, but it’s is still too much for most guys. To be clear, I’m referring to doggy style on the bed, not standing up. For that variation, see below.

In general, doggy is something you should go for LATER on, if you start with doggy + she has an amazing ass, you’re in trouble.

The position is too comfortable and engages your kegels so you’ll blow your load quickly.

Also, when her buttocks hit your thighs, it just further stimulates you to contract muscles and orgasm. So this is definitely better in later phases, like after 10 minutes etc.


This position involves you and your partner on the sides, facing each other.

This is a moderately good position as it allows you to control the rhythm of the intercourse, but without putting your muscles under too much tension.

There is also a variant of this position, which includes her facing away from you, and you entering her from behind. So it’s basically doggy style on the side.

Why is this variant so good? Well for starters your muscles are still not under a lot of tension, so it is unlikely you will have an early ejaculation.

But, and here’s the good stuff: because of the angle and the position you are in, you are constantly hitting her G spot while having sex. This is, as you may imagine, extremely pleasurable for her.

Position where you both last longer AND drive her wild? WIN.


Now we’re getting to the good stuff.

There are two variations on this position. One is you carrying your partner; the other is doggy style while you are standing.

Both are excellent, but you’re going to need strong legs for the first one.

These positions are working in your favor because you’re standing and thus blood is flowing evenly through your body, not just rushing to your penis.


Without question, this is the best position for long lasting time. Not only are you on your back and completely relaxed; you can also use your hands to control movement of her body.

So if she starts moving too quickly and you feel like you’re about to orgasm, just hold her hips and control her movement.

Why Just 5 Positions?

You probably noticed that I only listed a handful of positions out of millions imaginable.

There are a couple of good reasons for that.

Most of other positions are just different variations of this 5 listed. If you can last as long as you want to in these basic positions, you can last just as long in any other position.
Secondly, and be really honest now: How often do you have sex in those weird, Kama sutra positions? If you are like most guys you probably tried them once or twice for novelty factor, and then went straight back to the basics. And for good reason too. Not only do most of them require the flexibility of Indian yogi master, they also require your girl to have that same flexibility. As you can imagine, that is not really practical, nor can it become a normal part of your sex life.

And lastly, nobody is forbidding you to have sex in the weirdest, craziest positions you can imagine. But, during your training, at least until you get rid of premature ejaculation, I strongly advise that you stick with the basics. Trust me: majority of porn I’ve stared in was regular vanilla porn – and both I and the girls all had multiple orgasms just from that.

For now, try picking positions where she’s more active so you don’t get physically exhausted – and LAZY – so you orgasm more quickly because you “let go” and give up,

and pick positions where she’s more active because it will put less pressure on your Kegel muscles contracting constantly and making you PUMP.

Sex may be less enjoyable when you don’t TAKE CHARGE, but, sex will also be less enjoyable if you orgasm in under a minute.

So I urge you to give up your “take-charge” role in favor of lasting longer, at least until you build up your stamina.

View this as a 30-day program of exercises, both mental and physical, and sex practice sessions.

If you’re married of have a long -term girlfriend – have sex as often as possible, try not watching porn etc. so you build up your desire of her, do a lot of foreplay etc. pick positions where she’s in charge for the first 30 days, and I’m sure you’ll QUADRUPLE your endurance within a month.


This is a little-known, but powerful fact: just by controlling your breathing, you can lower your arousal levels and last longer.

The reason this works is because premature ejaculation is tied in to excitement, and by using deeper breaths you are able to relax more, lowering that excitement and thus lasting longer. It also helps ease your body, not just your mind.

Think of it like running a marathon – it’s not a sprint, but a longer race, where you need to pace, develop a certain rhythm and so on. Breathing helps keep your energy.

The goal with this exercise is to keep yourself at level 7.

This exercise is extremely useful if, for some reason, you can’t use the other techniques, e.g. she’s about to orgasm and you don’t want to change positions or something similar to break the rhythm.

The exercise goes like this:

Breathe in slowly for 3 to 5 seconds.

Hold your breath for the same amount of time (3 to 5 seconds).

Exhale slowly for the same amount of time (3 to 5 seconds).

Focus your attention on the feeling, sound and motion of that breath.

Repeat 60 seconds later, maintaining the semi-deep, consistent breathing until the next time you use that deep breath.

I know it’s not easy doing this during sex, especially because it will force you to think and count. The seconds aren’t that important.

What’s important is that you BREATHE and put your attention on something else, but you’ll also be more present when you breathe… just give it a try and see if it helps you relax a bit.

While breathing – focus on relaxing the muscles around your anus and testicles, your kegels, as you breathe out, imagine energy and tension slowly leaving this area.

Don’t worry, over time, you won’t have to think about this anymore. This is just a little bonus you can do to improve the results of everything else you’ve done.

Chapter 4 Highlights:

• Sex is like money – the more of it you have, the better. Regularly having sex will give you the practice and confidence you need to fully satisfy her in bed.
• Timidity is not a virtue – show your desire for her with your eyes, words, body language – show her how she turns you on and how you can’t control yourself when you are around her.

• From this day forward, foreplay is a must – every minute you spend on foreplay is a minute more you will last longer during sex.
• Remember edging and arousal levels? Now we get to put your training to trial: Go to and stay at levels 7-8.
• Start your sex sessions with girl on top position – it will help you last longer during the first two (critical) minutes.
• Short, shallow breaths can and usually do lead to premature ejaculation. If you catch yourself breathing like that, use semi-deep breathing technique to lower your arousal levels.


I didn’t tell you this before, but I’ve spent years – close to 20 years now – in fitness.

I’m a health and fitness nut (and damn proud of it). In fact, it was because of my body that I was invited to star in porn in the first place. As you can imagine, there isn’t a lot of guys with both 6 pack abs and a huge penis going about.

Most super-ripped guys are well build gym-freaks BECAUSE of their small penis. So they try to compensate their insecurities about size by buffing up. And that’s part of the reason I went to the gym too – I didn’t always have a huge penis, but that’s not the topic of this program, so we’ll skip it for now.

But anyways, back to fitness.

After eating healthily and exercising for so long, it’s funny to see how many fads and myths have gone to pass – and some which are still going strong. People keep making simple things complicated and they keep making the same stupid mistakes.

Why do I mention fitness at all?

Well, sex is a physical activity – if you have generally poor fitness levels it will be difficult for you to last longer.

If you are a super-fat and weigh 250 pounds you’re going to have a hard time lasting even a minute, let alone half an hour.

You won’t have the confidence or physical stamina… so you’ll just give up.

You also have LESS control over your body and your muscles, so you’ll also have a hard time to last long.

But it’s not only fat guys who orgasm too quickly.

Skinny guys can also suffer from premature ejaculation if your health is compromised, e.g. you eat mainly junk food, smoke, drink alcohol constantly, etc… you need muscle-power to last longer and feel much better in your body.

This gives you the confidence to last longer, plus you’ll be more attractive to women and they’ll be more turned on by your body.

How do poor health, lack fitness and a bad lifestyle habits affect both skinny and fat guys?

For fat guys it’s pretty simple – they ejaculate quickly because they are fat, out of breath, in lousy physical condition.

They lack basic endurance needed for climbing one flight of stairs, let alone a 30 minute sex session.

But it’s more than that. Think about the reason they are fat.

For most of them, it is because they’re lazy. They’re not disciplined enough to avoid junk food, to say no to beer after work, and they’re too lazy to go to the gym a few times a week.

Plus, when they go to the gym – they avoid weights and “train light” because they’re scared of getting injured etc. They basically have a LOSER MINDSET, and losers don’t last long.

Is this the kind of thinking you want to bring to the bedroom? Laziness, apathy, only looking to satisfy yourself as quickly as possible?

As for the skinny guys – be honest now? How many of them drink, smoke, and generally avoid exercise like a plague? They think because you’re not fat that you get a free pass.

Just because they’re not overweight doesn’t mean their health is fine and that their hormones are in balance.

If you’ve got no muscle-power, it means you lack TESTOSTERONE. And testosterone is crucial because it’s connected to sex, your DESIRE of her (remember, women want to feel wanted). If you’ve got no testosterone, you’re not alpha, you’re not manly, and you’re not sexually attractive.

There’s another reason why skinny guys should start going to the gym.

Ask yourself this: Do you feel masculine enough? I’m mean look at you – you should be bigger than your woman. Tell me, when you’re having sex, do you feel as though you are banging her or she you? It’s not her natural role to be in charge.

There is no way around it: you must incorporate healthy nutrition and exercise into your life if you want to last longer effortlessly.

Just try it, if you go to the gym for 3 months straight and work out correctly – you’ll automatically last longer, even if you don’t do ANY of the other exercises in my program. But imagine you combine all of the above + you start working out religiously and eat correctly. You’ll become a sex-machine.

The CHAMPION of lasting longer. You’ll have the physical and mental strength to last as long as you want.

Lifting weights will develop your resolve, your endurance, your discipline. All of which makes you last longer naturally, automatically. It helps you tune into your muscles and your body so you have CONTROL over your body, mind, etc. All of this makes you last longer.

Weight lifting and a healthy diet will also correct any hormone imbalances you might have; it will also indirectly help you with your mindset and your confidence.

If you go online and try to look up healthy dieting and training information, you will be bombarded with millions of websites and blogs, all telling you different things, all insisting they are the only ones who are right.

It is quite easy to become overloaded with that amount of information and experience paralysis by analysis – or, in layman’s terms, do jack shit.

Because that happened to me, I wish to spare you the time and the energy you would spend looking for the right answers online.

That’s why I’ve put together an exercise and diet program designed to make you last longer. Targeting all the most important muscles and foods you can eat for maximum results, both fitness-wise and orgasm-wise.


This is by no means a definite guide to fitness, but it’s good enough to get you started and to get you in the best shape of your life if you never did any physical activity before.

Just by following this program, you won’t just last longer, but with increased testosterone levels, you’ll also naturally bang better, harder, and faster than you ever thought was possible.

Our main goal is to naturally increase your testosterone and serotonin levels.

Everybody heart about testosterone, but do you know what foods increase it, and what foods send it plummeting down?

What type of exercise leads to astronomical increase of your testosterone levels?

What is the one simple, often overlooked thing when it comes to balancing your hormones levels?

Don’t worry; I’ll share everything with you in just a little bit.

Increased levels of testosterone lead to you lasting longer and performing better in bed. Here’s how

Increase testosterone => increased libido => more sex => more practice => last longer

But it’s more than that. Testosterone is literally the hormone that makes you a man.

High levels of testosterone are associated with many benefits in men, including, but not limited to:

– Better libido

– Enhanced sexual performance

– Stronger erections

– Increased attractiveness to women

– Improved mood

– Healthy heart

– More muscle mass

– Less body fat

– Stronger bones

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you’ve spent your entire life with low testosterone levels, prepare to be shocked at amount of energy, libido and overall life enjoyment.

What about serotonin?

If you didn’t know, serotonin is a neurotransmitter which massively contributes to feelings of well-being and happiness.

What you almost certainly don’t know is that low serotonin levels are closely related to premature ejaculation. This isn’t pure speculation either.

In a recent premature ejaculation study in Michigan, 80 male subjects were given serotonin boosting drugs, and the other 80 we’re given a placebo.

The first group went from lasting on average 2 minutes to 8.67 minutes (the placebo group went from 2 minutes to 4 minutes, showing us that yes, sometimes premature ejaculation problems are just in our heads).

By increasing serotonin levels, you’ll be able to last as long as you want, and you’ll also be happier and have overall better feelings of well-being.

But we don’t want to use drugs and pills to achieve the effect we can easily achieve naturally. If you adopt the advice I will share below, you’ll avoid growing dependent on drugs, pills and other unnatural stimulants.

So how can we start changing your life?

All fitness and health advice basically boils down to three things: Diet, Exercise, and Rest. Get these three in order and you are already ahead of 90% of the population.

Let’s get started.


The first thing you need to understand is that weight loss and bodybuilding are giant industries.

Giant as in multi billion dollars a year giant.

There is a lot of money invested in keeping you clueless about proper diet and nutrition, and there seems to be a new fad diet coming out every other week.

They purposely mislead you into buying fat burning pills, muscle building supplements, special kind of foods etc. This is all bullshit to be honest.

Now let’s be clear – if you want to be a professional bodybuilder, you won’t just have to follow a strict diet, you will also need to be obsessive about macros and meal timing, as well as extremely disciplined with your workouts. Oh yeah, and you also need to be willing to take so many steroids that you will resemble a baby elephant.

But I’m not writing for guys who want to shoot themselves up with needles. I’m writing for normal guys who want to build muscle, lose some fat and generally have a healthy,

vibrant life with their hormones in check. Keep that in mind before you start obsessing about foods and training routines.

So what about food?

What should you eat?

Just eat from the following list and you will be fine. It’s not on the list? Don’t eat it.

Simple as that.

(I feel the need to tell you again this isn’t medical advice, and that you should consult with your doctor before trying any of these suggestions. This is just my opinion from over 20 years of working out religiously and leading a healthy lifestyle. So, as with any other health advice, proceed with caution.)

There are three macronutrients you consume every day: Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat.

Fat has long been accused of clogging arteries, and it has, with cholesterol, been avoided for the last 30-40 years. The result? An obesity epidemic we see today in the USA.

This is a long story, and I really can’t go into too much detail here, but know this:

Saturated fat and cholesterol are not the enemies we’ve been lead to believe.

In fact, you should really up your intake, because they are the building blocks of testosterone (Remember? The Man-Hormone? )

I’ll now list macros and the best food sources to get each.


Best sources are meat and fish. As far as meat goes, chicken breast has long been a favorite of bodybuilders, but you should really eat more red meat – especially beef.

Beef steak has so many vitamins and minerals, in addition to protein and fat that you could eat it every day and it would satisfy the majority of you daily nutritional requirements.

If you can afford it, try grass fed meats. But honestly, don’t stress about it. If your choice is between meat from the supermarket or pizza, choose the meat.

Regarding fish – choose salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna, and trout. Basically, if it has fins and swims, eat it.

Note about dairy: If you’re not lactose intolerant, go for it! Milk (full fat kind), yoghurt, cheese – go nuts.


The low carb movement is raging the health scene at the moment.

This kind of diet is certainly better than standard the American diet, but it does attract extremists.

Some “gurus” are even suggesting we completely eliminate carbs from our diet.

While you could do that, your performance in gym would suffer greatly. It’s much better to consume carbs smartly and use them to fuel your performance.

So what are the good carbs?

Rice: White rice, brown rice – it really doesn’t matter. Leave obsessing to food nerds and just enjoy your food.

Vegetables: Any and every kind. Try kale, spinach, beets, carrots, and mushrooms.

If you can’t make time to eat vegetables and/or are too lazy to cook them, buy a juicer and make a 16 oz. vegetable juice. It will take you 15 minutes to make and clean afterwards and it will give you all the benefits of eating the vegetables, minus the fiber.

Fruits: Go for berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries). Throw in a banana or an apple if you feel like it. But honestly, as with vegetables, you really can’t go wrong with a fruit selection.

Oatmeal: a bodybuilding staple. Add milk and make it a quick breakfast.


As I said before, don’t fear fats, they are necessary for testosterone production. You will get your fats if you eat fatty cuts of meat, but here are some other sources of good, quality saturated fats.

Eggs: Yes, yolks included. I personally eat up to 30 whole eggs a week and my cholesterol levels are at optimum levels. Stop living in fear, yolks are the most nutritious part of eggs.

Nuts: Almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, walnuts. Take your pick – you really can’t go wrong here. But don’t eat too many nuts a day – limit yourself to 50 grams or less.

You shouldn’t be snacking – if you eat meat and fish with vegetables for lunch and dinner, you shouldn’t be too hungry during the day.

Butter: Use it for frying meat in the pan. Avoid margarine; it is loaded with processed oils which are bad for you.

Oils: Good ones are extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil. Use it for frying instead of butter if you want to change things up a bit.


Let me be clear: these foods won’t make quite as immediate an impact as Viagra, but if you eat them over the next few months, you’ll definitely see a big improvement in your erection hardness and your cardiovascular health.

In the long run, do you really want to rely on little blue pills for your erections and lasting durations? Thought not.

1. Raw cacao – raw cacao and raw chocolate have been used for thousands of years as an aphrodisiacs. There is a good reason for that: raw cacao will double healthy cells which are responsible for your erections. Be sure to go for unprocessed, unheated raw chocolate or raw cacao powder – just be sure not to overeat.

Some of the ways you can eat raw cacao are: in a smoothie, with oatmeal, in a shake, in a form of dark chocolate, etc…

Here’s a good shake recipe for you to try out: 1 banana, 2 tbsp. of raw cacao, 1 tbsp. of honey, and milk. Blend it all together and enjoy your erection boosting shake.

2. Pomegranates – this fruit has been called “natural Viagra” by scientists around the world. It is called that because this fruit has been shown to increase Nitric Oxide Synthase activity; it’s the same mechanism used in all erection & premature ejaculation medications. But you have to get pure pomegranate or pomegranate juice; extracts will do nothing for you because they lack antioxidants.

3. Spinach – Popeye was right all along. Spinach is rich in nitrates, minerals and vitamins which boost your testosterone levels. If the thought of eating a pound of spinach isn’t too pleasing, try juicing it instead. You will get all the benefits without the hassle.

That’s it for the food you should eat for super-strong erections.

If you eat these foods, your testosterone will shoot up, you will have more energy, you will become more dominant and of course, you will bang like a lion.

Little Known Foods That Boost Erections & Testosterone:

If you Google “foods that increase testosterone” you’ll get the same few results over and over again. Red meat, particularly beef; eggs, bacon, spinach, kale, etc.

They are all great and you should eat them regularly, as I already said earlier in this chapter.

However I want to talk about some other, little known foods that can also greatly increase your testosterone, and by that, your performance in bed.

Let’s check this list out:


Not only is this fruit full of omega 3s and (good) cholesterol, it also has a whole alphabet of vitamins including vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K. You know as they say – avocado a day keeps premature ejaculation away.

Brazil nuts

This nuts are so packed with zinc and selenium that just by eating 2 you will meet your daily dose requirement. So think about how much your testosterone levels will increase if you eat a handful every now and then.


This is the good stuff. You want to increase your semen and make your sperm creamy like we professionals do? Eat as much oysters as you can, and then some. They are not my favorite food, but I’ve been known to slam 30+ smoked oysters night before a big scene to get that “money shot.”

You see, oysters are full of zinc, which is the most important mineral for testosterone production. In fact, they are so full of zinc that a mere 100 grams of them contains 500% of your daily dose. I don’t recommend doing this often, but for special occasions oysters are godsend.


You would have never thought that watermelon can help increase your erections, but thanks to the compound called citrulline that’s true. Citrulline works by increasing the blood flow, which leads to bigger, stronger and better erections.

Animal liver

Most people don’t eat organ meats and that is a big mistake. Liver is jam packed with Vitamin A, which, as I told you earlier, is one of the building blocks of testosterone. Opt for beef liver over chicken and pork, if you have the chance – not only does it taste better it also has more nutrients.

Pineapple juice: The Secret to Making Her Swallow

Have you ever wondered how all those porn starts just love swallowing cum, sucking every last drop of it like it is the elixir of the eternal youth, while your girl turns her head away in disgust?

Well, the big part of that is taste. Girls think that sperm tastes gross and that is the main reason they don’t want to swallow it. And they are right for the most part – the average guy eats a shitty diet which influences how his sperm tastes. After all, you are what you eat.

I still remember how I came to discover the power of pineapple juice. I was in my room with another girl, let’s call Tanya. We were “rehearsing” for the big scene we were supposed to shoot the day after that.

Everything was going smoothly, we were both enjoying ourselves (well, duh) but when I came in her mouth she spitted out my cum and, all grossed out, said: You taste AWFUL. Talk about mood killer.

Luckily, she told me a quick and easy solution to that: 1-2 hours before sex, drink ~16 oz. of pineapple juice.

But here’s a fair warning: This juice will make your sperm so sweet; she may become addicted to sucking you off. So if you’re the guy who prefers polite, intellectual conversations with your girl over a blowjob, don’t apply this tip.


Sugar: Do I really need to explain this?

Soy: Sorry vegetarians; but soy isn’t really a ”superfood” and it is proven to lower testosterone and develop man-boobs. McDonald’s burgers are made of soy, and it’s part of the reason why religious McDonald’s customers have man-boobs.

Processed foods – like Big Macs, I’m looking at you. Just stop going to McDonalds and the rest of fast food chains. You’re not 5 anymore; you know they are bad for you – just stop. I’ve just shown you a whole range of delicious, nutritious foods you can eat for the rest of your life without ever putting a foot in one of those chains again.

More things you should cut back on are coffee, alcohol and other stimulants.

Coffee raises your cortisol levels which are inversely correlated with testosterone: when one goes up, the other goes down. If you are drinking coffee multiple times during the day you are constantly keeping your testosterone levels low. One cup in the morning can probably be taken without any major consequences, but if you are an addict, you might want to consider dropping coffee and sticking to water.

Another problem with coffee is that it increases STRESS, which isn’t helping you relax and last longer during sex. It just makes your heart pound harder and you orgasm faster. Coffee can also mess with your eating and sleeping habits, which also fuel your premature ejaculation.

Same goes for alcohol. Beer is probably the worst thing you could drink, because it increases your estrogen levels.

In case you didn’t know, estrogen is to women what testosterone is to men. Needless to say, we don’t want to have high estrogen levels in our bodies.

That comes with a lot of negative symptoms, including man boobs. If you feel you must drink when going out, stick to straight liquor like whiskey, scotch, tequila and vodka.

Don’t add anything, drink it like a man.

What about supplements, protein powder, creatine, BCAAs? Short answer – you don’t need them.

Long answer: You REALLY don’t need them. Supplements are meant to supplement your diet; they are meant to correct any deficiencies you might have. If you eat the foods I listed above, there will be no deficiencies and no need for them.

That’s it for diet. This is just the tip of the iceberg; entire books can be (and are) written about proper diet and nutrition. But this will be enough to get you started and keep you going for at least a couple of years.

Here are a few more dieting rules you should stick:

Eat around 1 lbs. of meat OR fish every day

1. Eat vegetables with your meat

2. Drink plenty of water during the day

3. For snacks, eat fruits or nuts

Not exactly rocket science, is it?

Here’s a sample meal plan, but don’t take it as a gospel: it is only to show you how to start:

– Breakfast: 3 eggs omelet and a glass of milk

– Snack (optional): 1 banana

– Lunch: 1 lbs. of ground beef with broccoli, carrots and kale

– Snack (optional): 50 grams of almonds

– Dinner: 1 fillet of salmon with stir fry vegetables

Of course, you should use some common sense. If you are severely overweight, forget about snacks, and just focus on meat and vegetables.

Similarly, if you need to gain 10 pounds (of muscle of course) up your protein and fat intake. Adjust your diet according to your individual circumstances.

BONUS TIP: Weird 2 Minute Trick That Can Boost Your Testosterone Levels by 20%

I found out this neat little trick years ago from a bodybuilder who used it to boost his testosterone levels before training in the gym. As it turns out, he was way ahead of his time, because latest science confirms what he knew all along:

If you can’t watch the video right now, it basically says that holding a dominant pose for 2 minutes will boost your testosterone levels, increase your confidence and make you more assertive for a couple of hours afterwards.

Here’s an example of a dominant pose you can do:

How should you do this exercise?

Half an hour before you’re gonna have sex, set a timer for 2 or 3 minutes and strike up this pose from the picture. I suggest you do this in a private place, because you might draw some strange looks otherwise.

Make sure your posture is straight and that your legs are spread apart shoulder width, or even slightly wider. Your arms might start hurting after a minute, but hold on; it’s just a couple of minutes.

After the timer goes off just lower your arms and you’re good to go. The effects should last couple of hours, so there’s plenty of time for you to enjoy the benefits of higher testosterone while with your girl.


When most people think about exercise, they think about treadmills, stationery bicycles and bosu balls.

Take a look inside any gym and it’s always the same thing: a bunch of people on treadmills, their eyes glued to plasma TVs in front of them; house music blasting from the speakers; everybody is laughing around, joking, and generally having a good time. There’s not a drop of sweat anywhere in sight.

Are you in gym to watch TV, socialize and joke around, or are you there to train?

There’s a reason why most people give up one month after joining a gym. They go in there inconsistently, without a plan, doing whatever they feel like doing at the moment, not putting enough effort to even break a sweat.

You need to start thinking about gym time differently. You’re not there to pick up chicks, chat with your friends, or run on the goddamn treadmill. You’re there to train, build muscle and character.

The only form of training you should be doing in the gym is weight lifting.

Forget running on treadmills, forget jogging, cross fit or whatever fad is popular now.

That’s not to say that running doesn’t have its uses; but we’re focusing on building muscle here and boosting your testosterone levels to improve your sexual performance.

You can be lean and muscular without running, trust me.

Next, the only equipment you should touch are barbells, dumbbells and a power station (chin up bar and parallel bars for dips).

Forget machines.

There hasn’t been invented a machine that can give you better results than barbell or a dumbbell.

Do mostly compound exercises.

What are compound exercises? Those that use more than 1 joint; e.g. bench presses, squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, barbell rows…

There is a time and place for isolation exercises (can anybody say curls?), but newbies tend to focus too much on those and not enough on the foundation of strength and muscle building, which are compounds.

Train only 3 times a week.

This may come as shock to you, but this whole “6 day a week, multi body part muscle split “ came to be in the 70s and 80s… the steroid fueled era of bodybuilding.

Natural lifters don’t have enough energy to last 6 days a week, and can easily overtrain.

Don’t worry though – some of the best physiques on the planet we’re built on 3 days a week routines.

Not bad for 3 hours of gym time a week, right?

Keep your workouts to under an hour.

You only need to do a few exercises to get the maximum amount of muscle growth.

Keep a training log.

You should never pick your weight based on how you feel at that moment. Instead, always consult with your log.

I could go on and on about best practices and rules for weight lifting, but I won’t.

Instead, I’m going to direct you to a site where this guy has explained it in much more depth than I possibly can in this chapter.


That’s all you’ll need.

Go to this site, browse around, and absorb the information.

If you follow his instructions to the letter I guarantee you will dramatically increase your muscle mass in 3 months and with it, your testosterone levels.

YOGA As A Supplemental Workout

I know this sounds weird coming from an ex porn star, but YOGA is also amazing at teaching you how to breathe correctly, relax and de-stress your mind AND your body.

The good thing about yoga is that you learn to CONTROL your mind and your body better, you become more in-tune.

They don’t just de-stress (which helps you last longer and think less during sex), but they also help you gain control over your breathing, muscles, your body. All of which mentally help you last longer.

You’ll also have better physical stamina with yoga.

I know it sounds crazy to imagine an ex-adult actor doing yoga – but it’s what worked WONDERS for me and dozens upon dozens of guys I’ve coached over the years.

Ever tried imitating some of the CRAZY poses you see in porn? Yep. Not so easy. They REQUIRE stamina and flexibility.

These are poses that look awesome on FILM, but are HARD to achieve in real-life. Yoga enabled me to achieve all those crazy poses for HOURS on end with directors and camera guys shouting “CUT, CUT, CUT – let’s try from that other angle” or “Let’s make a 10 minute break (but keep your erection!) so we slap together her makeup.”

So, with that in mind, I’m going to share with you now Big Mike’s Penis Yoga Workout™ – list of poses and general instructions on how to do them.

Note that I didn’t just wake up one day and started doing all of these poses. My workout evolved gradually through the years, starting with just one pose and ending up with several. At one time I had over 20 poses in my workout, but then it took me 2 to 3 hours to finish it, so I had to cut it back to just a handful. Because I was limited just 1 hour a day of yoga training, I had to pick the poses that bring the best value for their time – biggest bang for your buck, so to speak.


Here are some general guidelines for this workout. First and foremost – your bowels must be empty before doing yoga. This is why most people choose to do yoga first thing in the morning. If your schedule doesn’t allow this, just make sure that you don’t eat anything 3 hours before the workout, and go to the toilet just in case. Drinking water is fine.

Secondly – all of these poses must be performed on a hard floor. Use a rug or yoga mat for support.

Your typical yoga workout will last between 30 and 60 minutes. It will depend on how flexible you are and how much time you use for resting, but generally your workout shouldn’t take more than an hour tops.

*Quick tip: if you can’t decide between yoga and weight lifting, or don’t have time to do both, the solution is pretty simple, do the weight lifting program first, then during the post workout stretching add a pose or two from the list below. That way you can get the benefits of longer lasting yoga workouts without it consuming much of your time.

Don’t freak out if you can’t do most of these poses at first. Neither could I, nor most guys I showed this workout too. But if you take your time and aim for small improvements every day, soon you will be able to correctly practice these poses. The important thing is not to hurt yourself so try to find your limits and then gently push them. The key word here is gently.

Try to wear comfortable clothing: sweatpants and cotton t-shirt. No shoes – go barefoot.

If you have the cash, it might be a good idea to go to a yoga class or two and ask an instructor to show you how to correctly do these poses. If not, don’t sweat it, I’ve included the links to the videos you can watch online.

And lastly, try to establish a daily practice of yoga, even if it’s just a 10 minutes a day. You will advance more and it will have a greater impact on your premature ejaculation than doing it sporadically.


Cow faced pose

Cobra pose

Fish pose

Shoulder stand pose

Plow pose

That’s it. 5 poses might seem low, but here’s the thing: you’re not trying to become a professional yogi; you’re trying to use yoga to last longer in bed.

These 5 poses will be more than enough to help you beat premature ejaculation, and if you do them every day you should see the results quickly enough. How quickly? Like so many things it depends on the person, his flexibility and his dedication, but in a week or two of consistent practice you should see some pretty amazing results.


Champ… If you’re tired, stressed out and exhausted, you won’t be able to last long or relax during sex. The gym helps with this, since you’ll have a lot more energy in general and you’ll blow out steam.

Still, resting is an integral part of your workout routine.

Did you know that sleep deprivation is a little known, but very big cause of premature ejaculation?

It all comes back to low serotonin levels – lack of sleeps directly impacts serotonin, which in turn impacts your lasting time.

This is really disturbing, because studies show that up to 40% of Americans are sleep deprived.

Ok, so 2 out of every 5 people don’t get enough sleep, but what about the rest?

What is their quality of sleep? What is YOUR quality of sleep?

There are a couple of things you need to know about proper sleep:

Although scientist can’t agree on exact number of hours we need, pretty much everybody agrees that we should sleep between 7 and 9 hours a night. How long exactly depends on you and your individual needs.

Here’s how to sleep so you get maximum rest with minimum time:

Sleep in complete dark.

Turn off any lights in your bedroom: lights mess with photoreceptors in your skin, making your body think that it’s day and preventing you for getting a full night’s sleep.

Try to get to bed at the same time each night.

Habit is a big part of proper rest; your body likes to go to bed at the same time.

Try to go to bed before midnight.

Forget late night web surfing or watching TV; just go to bed at 10 or 11 pm, and wake up early.

You’ll have more energy and more time to make your morning productive.

More on that note: don’t spend time in front of the screen at least few hours before bed.

You’re only tricking your body into thinking it’s still day outside and that it shouldn’t be sleeping.

That’s it folks.

Eat healthy, nutritious food; lift weights; and sleep like a baby.

Do these 3 things and you’ll be ahead of 99% of people on this planet when it comes to general health and fitness levels. Plus, you’ll last a lot longer in bed, without a lot less effort.

Chapter 5 Highlights:

• Sex is a physical activity: Poor general fitness levels will cause premature ejaculation.
• Whether you’re fat or skinny if you have bad habits (junk food, smoking, etc.) you are not safe from premature ejaculation.
• If you take just one thing from this chapter is that high testosterone levels are the key thing for not just lasting longer and having a great sex life, but being an overall Alpha male in all areas of your life.

• Increasing testosterone is pretty simple, and consists in 3 things: Food, Training & Rest.
• Food wise, eat more of testosterone boosting foods, and less of testosterone lowering foods. No brainer.
• As far as training is concerned, lift weight, and do long lasting yoga poses after weightlifting workouts.
• Don’t forget to follow instructions from Rest subchapter to get a long, good night sleep.


So there you have it gentlemen, my five pillars of sexual health that, if you follow them for 30 days, should make you last as long as you want.

There is a lot of information in this guide.

I’m aware that you might be overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, it’ll all fall into place.

If you’re going to have sex tonight and need IMMEDIATE results – just go to the IN A HURRY? QUICK TIPS TO BOOST YOUR ENDURANCE.

It’s full of quick and easy tips to help you last longer this very day. Alternatively, you can read my sex chapter; a lot of that info is immediately applicable.

But these are all just quick fixes. You might want a quick-fix solution for tonight, but what about tomorrow? Next week? Next year?

You don’t want to rely on quick fixes for the rest of your life.

So how can you apply the tips here without getting paralyzed with so many choices?

It’s time for little self-assessment.

The truth is that there are many causes of premature ejaculation.

Some guys have only one problem, and when it is solved, they never have to worry about premature ejaculation again.

Others are plagued with an array of problems and can’t seem to get rid of them.

While reading this guide, you probably came across information or description that struck a chord with you; you recognized yourself and got excited about the solution. If you haven’t, don’t worry, I’ve got the solution for you below.

The most beneficial thing would be to apply all of this information.

But, that’s rarely how things work in the real world. Most people, when given a choice between changing a lot of things in their lives, and doing nothing – choose to do nothing.

We don’t want that to happen with you, so I’ve thought long and hard about when to apply information from each chapter.

Here’s my (pretty commonsense) idea of progression for you:

Start by focusing on one and just one area of improvement until it becomes habitual and you’re not even thinking about practicing anymore, you just do it.

After you’ve reached that stage, you can safely leave that area on autopilot, and move on to the next step, until you’ve mastered all of them.

When that happens – you’ll know it, she’ll know it, and probably everybody within your neighborhood will know it.

Here’s a quick overview of the 5 pillars:

1. Mindset. Apply the info from here if you suffer from performance anxiety or mental arousal problems. Do your affirmations, and read the entire chapter every day you hammer it into your mind.

2. Masturbation. Some guys have years of bad masturbation habits and are still able to last as long as they want to. But with you, this isn’t the case. If you subconsciously trained yourself to ejaculate as quickly as possible – stop what you’re doing and start edging.

3. Kegels. Do a Kegel and try to hold it as long as you can. Can’t hold it more than a

second or two? Most likely you have weak pelvic floor muscles and you should dig into my Kegel routine.

4. Sex tips: If you read all of the above and can’t find the cause for your premature ejaculation, start here.

A good thing about this chapter is that a lot of info is immediately applicable and you will see the results as soon as you apply the techniques. (P.S. If you are rushing to orgasm you MUST read the foreplay part.)

5. Fitness and lifestyle. This should be easy to figure out. If you’re so fat that you’re gasping for air after a flight of stairs – start here. I would go so far as to say this chapter, more than any other, has the ability to change your entire life, not just your lasting time. Alternatively go here if you’re not fat, but feel that your lack of stamina has roots purely in your lack of physical fitness.

That’s it. Just follow the program for 30-days and I know you’ll last longer.

You have more tools to beat your premature ejaculation than you will ever need; you also have instructions on how best to use it and not get paralysis by analysis.

You have the knowledge to take your sex life to a whole other level. The only thing that is left is for you to apply these principles to your life.

If you have any questions or some problem you feel wasn’t covered in the program and you STILL struggle with premature ejaculation after 30 days of practicing – feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll personally coach you until you can last as long as you want.

It’s one of my greater pleasures in life to help my readers achieve more with their sex lives.

Also, if you have any success, minor or major, that you want to share, please do let me know via email.

I love reading your success mails. When a guy finally beats his lifelong premature ejaculation, and is finally able to enjoy sex the way it was meant to be enjoyed… it makes it all worthwhile.

Talk to you soon champ,

Big Mike

p.s.: Don’t forget to check the bonus guide for additional tricks to last even longer.